Friday, 28 June 2013

Festival Stargazing

I'm watching the BBC coverage of the GLastonbury Festival 2013 on various outlets, and heavens, is it making me envious.

It's not making me wish I was at Glastonbury per se, it's a very Channel T4 line up that has featured on the early BBC3 coverage, but it is sure as hell making me wish I was at a festival of some kind, buried in a tent with my e-reader, before venturing out to take in music, literature, and...astronomy!

I wonder if anyone knows if any UK festivals have organised (or disorganised) little stargazing sessions in quiet corners? I had a little dream the other day - ok so it was a daydream - about my own self taking a little, very basic, stargazing session with various trippy kids and interesting folk, as I drink a beer and cider and talking about Clash of the Titans as Perseus, Andromeda and Pegasus rise in the Eastern sky.

And then back to my tent to listen to 6 music all night...

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