Thursday, 6 September 2012

The skies of Leeds

The skies of Leeds? What skies of Leeds?

Sad, but hardly unexpected, is the fact that in the centre of Leeds where my sister lives, in an otherwise great city that appeals very much to me, the only things you can see in the sky are the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus. Everything else is dazzled out by a twenty four hour cictyscape, orange hazes, streetlights painting the sky with a murky glow.

Makes me wonder how I would carry out any astronomy at all if I were to move there!

The night skies are about the most beautiful free thing that anyone can see. It seems sad that it is permanently unavilable to some folk, living in flats in city centres; the penalty paid for having easy access to good bars and jobs. It's not great here, but at least I can take a drink out and have some great views of the great beyond.

You see the success of the great dark sky parks in Kielder and Galloway, and wonder if you could have small scale little dark(ish) reserves of city open space where lights can be turned off just to give folk a small chance of seeing the milky way or a few meteors, or the wonderful colour tints of stars I enjoy so much.

"Crime magnets" I suppose some would say, many in fact. Human nature screws us up again?

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