Thursday 13 September 2012

Swallows make me less bereft

Ran out to Coddington and back today, out the back way, back along the Sleaford road. And up on the top of the back of Beacon Hill, on Balderton Lane (by the converted Windmill that sits there insulting me knowing I'll never be able to afford to live somewhere cool like that) I saw some swallows swooping low over the fields.

Higher up, some House Martins were about too.

I was very glad to see them, it made me feel less miserable about the end of my little holiday from work, and the summer of 2012 in general. I'd seen some in Norfolk by the coast the the other day, lining up on power lines, teasing me knowing they will soon be off for warmer climes. But they didn;t count. Not seen any in town for a few weeks.

But in a week or two, I'm guessing they will be gone, and gloom descends, early morning starts and stars in cold winds, no sun, Orion blazing out of a freezing sky.

Also saw a blue hooped dragonfly out my living room window, buzzing round my Holly Tree. He'll be goners too, soon, whatever kind of Hawker he was.

The time of year makes me sad. In every way.

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