Thursday 16 February 2012

Under a Shark Grey Sky

So, I've been a bad bad boy by not running yesterday so by way of punishment I decided to have a really long one in the morning.

Which was a bit of a fail as I didn't get up till 11am, and so ended up spending a productive afternoon writing and researching in the library, before watching the lazy mallards on the river at the museum cafe, my most favourite place in this town.

But I did get round to it eventually, and set off late at 415pm, heading through a cemetry where white snowdrops and purple crocuses, past Balderton Lake where the white headed gulls have found better weather on the coast again I think and only a few cruising Canada Geese disturbed the surface of the calm waters.

And that set the pattern of the day. There wasn't much to see in the eventually darkening flat grey light, a shark grey sky that wasn't threatening, but still wasn't pretty.

But as I've said before, you don't have to see anything for it still to be worthwhile, after all a scientist will tell you that a negative result is just as important as a positive one, and sometimes more so. Just love being outside and active, revel in passing slower runners on the cycling path while restraining yourself from farting as your backside passes them or making obscene gestures to re-inforce your utter superiority and hoping that someone older than you, and faster, doesn't pass you as you do so.

Only a few Starlings were murmurating, but that didn't matter, I just love being outside and so should all of you.

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