Thursday 23 February 2012

Long Run, Hot Sun

OK, Hot might be a bit of a strong word, but a week and a half after cycling to work in agony in temps of -14 C it was a blessing, by crikey.

Today, I headed out a long way, out under the new underpass along Farrndon Road as differs pushed drying mud around, and eventually through a short cropped Will Holt nature reserve, I think my first trip out here of 2012. A Bumble Bee was buzzing my window just as I left so I was hoping for a hardy Red Admiral or Brimstone, but no, no butterflies.

Just as the Holt began, saw a pretty flock of Goldfinches watching a long tailed tit fly past. Had a really good look at one fairly tame specimen, who obligingly sat as I trundled by.

The river stretch of the Holt, extensive coppicing has taken place, but some of the Willows look stunning. They are literally gold in colour, and shine in the sun.

Another 6 miles of running followed, but I saw naught so memorable as the Willows of Gold

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