Saturday 19 November 2011

My little local park

Was feeling both under stress and under the weather today, so decided to take a little stroll round the little park near where I live for a little unwind period.

It's a typical public space I guess, paths, dogshit bins, a few benches which at this time of the year are populated in the day by drinkers, and at night by teens and post club goers in various states of courtship all of which are way less attractive than those employed by our feathered friends.

It is of course, our feathered friends that I am interested in seeing here. There are a lot of berry laden trees, some sort of Holly or Katonyaster type things, and they ought to be attractive to wintering birds with not much to eat.

Two years ago, during that January deep freeze, I remember a large flock of Fieldfares taking up residence. I'm hoping to see something similar this year, and maybe, at last, A BLOODY WAXWING!

All public spaces, no matter how small, should be used for positive things.

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