Sunday 20 November 2011

Birds around my garden

Holed up under my duvet at 2pm I was feeling just a little cold and fed up of my rubbish diet  and generally unhealthy fizzy pop drinking exploits - there's only so much Irn Bru one should really drink. So upon hearing a wide variety of birdsong and calling coming from just outside, I decided to just go for a wander in my garden and up and down the road.

Straight away as I opened my door, I could hear the familiar "zooops" and "zeeeees" of one of our sweeter little residents - sure enough, a sizeable little flock of about 25 Long Tailed Tits were working through the gardens, seemingly picking at the bark and surely non existent leaf buds in the same way Goldcrests do. They actually let me get quite close, interested so see some had prominenet black stripes down their bellies while others didn't, while others were noticeably pink of breast while others were a dirty grey.

Whatever. I always find them a wonderful sight.

Elsewhere, Holly  berries didn't seem to be in demand today but the Blackbirds were making fair sport with the haws, by crikey.

Woodpigeons seem to be short supply this winter compared to other years, but one was sat atop a birch tree looking out for all that's new in the world.

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