Friday 29 April 2011

Something happened today?

This morning (ish)  having been fina ly driven  from my flat by the shrieks of some woman going "eeeeeeeeek its Sarah Burton I got on the bike and headed for Claypole village with the intnetion of having a look at the river and maybe having a drink in the pub too.

I know for a fact there are some baby eating sized Pike in the Witham, but in the village, nothing to be seen but fast flowing water over that strange slatey bed. A few white ducks  (boring but no doubt tasty) puddled about, and the pubs were shut. When I say shut, they didn't seem to be there! I'm sure there used to be two!

I think the butterflies I'm seeing a lot of near water are green veined whites

On the trip back, the hedgerows seemed alive with birds - chaffinches, yellowhammers and cutting along by the famous old lightning jet at the back of Fernwood, Goldfinches were also out for the day, no doubt hacked off with the wedding saturation as well.

So that was a pleasant 12 miles or so on the bike, decided I needed double punishment after too many beers last night so headed out for a run a bit later, wanting to perhaps have a look at the Devon, and the dinkly little reserve run by the council just off Sconce Hills Park. Well, it was shut for the day! It's still a developing site so was curious to see if there was any more to be seen than last year. Couldn't tell! The picnic tables looked nice though.

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