Tuesday 26 April 2011

An introduction


Well I figured it was time to have a more in depth way to write about my incompetent wildlife adventures rather than annoying the notts wildlife twitter feed, so here it is!

In this blog I will post details of what I see as I run and cycle around the town, taking in the surprisingly accessible countryside I find round here. I make no apologies, this is going to be a perhaps slightly more, er, robust, blog than perhaps the average nature one might be. St Francis I am not. But I enjoy getting out there, and maybe, just maybe, some folk may enjoy this blog, and maybe walk the routes I have gone to, and most likely correctly identify whatever bird or butterfly it is I have misreported as a Steppe Eagle or Giant Swallowtail or whatever.

For careering is what I do, in the sense of blundering as I run, and in a shamelessly mercenary double pun, perhaps hopefully improving my chances of getting a more creative job than the rather...warehousy...one I currently have; and frankly my various fiction, scriptwriting, music journalism and just being me efforts would probably be regarded as 1) a bit adult and 2) the rantings of a madman. So read me kindly. I am trying.

OK, so where am I writing about?

Chiefly, I run around the area around Notts Wildlife's Beacon Hill urban reserve, out to Willow Holt in Farndon (if I'm Mo Farah, usually this is a bike job) and all sorts of lanes and paths you can find. On the bike, Langford RSPB reserve is in reach, although it is difficult to really get a good view here if you are hopeless hoi polloi like me, and various other little villages nearby off busy roads - I'm not Lance Armstrong.

So the day after I saw a Comma in my mother's garden and realised I had probably mistaken loads of the damn things for Small Tortoiseshells, lets give this a go and see where we end up! As you can see, low quality cameraphone pics may make an appearance, posing no threat to a good nights sleep for Simon King...

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