Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Marathon Man Returneth

Well, that was hell, although it could have been worse.

There's nothing wrong with my puff, never felt even remotely out of breath and indeed kept chuntering along talking to Radio 4, until the advent of Any Questions, as I've mentioned before, meant I turned the radio onto 6 Music rather than thrown it into the Trent.

It was a tough, tough course, which would have been tough this time of year in the dry, let along after a wet November. I would say that 80% of the route was off road, and an awful lot of that off road was through mud!

The first lap went fine, and although tucked towards the back of the field, I kept in touch with a group of runners and kept myself going by nibbling jelly babies and carob energy bars given to me by the enthusiastic, if no doubt shivering wet and cold marshalls. But my various muscular niggles and sciatica began kicking in after about 7 miles and towards the end of the second loop of the muddiest, grimmest section of the route I was nearly bent double and so tempted to bale after the first lap - which would have been a half marathon - I had to all but yell at myself to keep going.

But after necking many pills on the curious 100 metre section the council insisted we had to walk on, I began to forget my back a little and keep on trotting in, slower and slower, but still running. And that's how I carried on, for the next two hours, eating sweeties and drinking energy drinks, but it was by now a very lonely run; indeed by the time I got on to the final loop of mud, I could see that I was a kilometre behind those ahead, and a kilometre ahead of those behind.

At one point I thought I'd just make 5 hours, but in the end I couldn't give a damn and just trotted round to get 5 hours 14. It'll do nicely, but I wouldn't recommend a rookie like me to run on that course, it is very very tough and more of a cross country trail run than a road race.

So, some pictures.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 28.11.15

Gathering for 10am start. It was freezing

Bar 9 gave out loads of these carob bars. Rather nice too.

Race control

Huddling for warmth

Milk bottle legs

I am indeed a number.

11km fun run start.

Off they go

Marathon start

An idea of the mud most of the way round



  1. My word, that mud is a far cry from the road running of the London Marathon! Hard to walk in let alone run. Huge achievement! Well done Si!

  2. Never mind the time Si - you completed it. Congratulations.

  3. Well done, Si! You must be thrilled and deservedly so. Finishing a marathon is all about mental grit and determination and you should be so, so proud of yourself.

  4. Woohoo! Congratulations on a great achievement Si!

  5. Thanks so much all, strangely I feel more thrilled and proud today than I did yesterday now I'm not so tired, although my thighs are very very stiff!

  6. Congratulations! What a challenge! Your time was awesome too- especially to say it was muddy and mostly off road :)
    Jenni x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  7. Congratulations and well done - you should be very proud of yourself :)

  8. Congratulations, Simon! You have achieved and experienced something most people never will. Gosh, that path was really muddy.
    And soon... planning for the next one! :)

  9. Congratulations Simon. A well deserved medal.

  10. Thank you so much! I felt much prouder of myself the day after, strangely, and then the day after that, slept the entire day. If I ever run another one, it won't be on that course though. Miles too hard.

  11. That is a great time for a trail marathon, and your first too!! What a brilliant achievement 😊

    1. THank you very much for dropping in to tell me!