Sunday, 15 November 2015

"Siiiiii-siiiiii-siiii" said the Tiny Bird

The weather is as nauseatic grey today as it was yesterday, but at least it has been far drier. The wind howled, but my feeders stayed on the tree, and I was able to cycle to the park without being blown to Doncaster, as it turned out.

Although it was still a struggle.

I've enjoyed walking around the park, camera at the ready, but I haven't really found anything much to photograph apart from the very fat squirrels that rampage around the trees of the old wood like furry vandals. Today was different. There were blackbirds ransacking berries from the bushes, plenty of gulls and magpies overhead, and great tits and robins teased the camera before defiantly deciding they weren't going to be photographed.

The treat, however, was heard before it was seen. I had divested my ears of Nicola Sturgeon on Desert Island Discs and was listening to a scolding robin somewhere in the undergrowth when superimposed was a much higher and persistent little "Siiiii-siii-siii" call coming from somewhere over my head.

At first I thought it was a long tailed tit, but when the culprits flitted into view it was clear that this was not the case. The culprits were a pair of goldcrests, the first I'd seen in a while, doing their hummingbird thing about three metres up.

They are too restless to be an easy target, but I got one good shot of these pretty little birds who charm me with their great fearlessness.

Mission accomplished! I was allowed my cup of tea now.


All images and text copyright CreamCrackeredNature 15.11.15

Here's a drey. Wonder who lives there?

Probably this chap

Podgy little thing, isn't he?

GOALBALL! As US Soccer Guy on Twitter would say.

First winter blackbird??? Looks like a gape there.

Agreeably posing

Lots of berries to feed on!



  1. I have never seen a goldcrest Si - so thank you for the description and also the photograph.

  2. Great shot- they are hard to photograph. We've got a few in the garden here. I always hear them long before I see them but they usually descend the tree to hop about in the branches just above my head- always a complete delight to see them.

  3. As I've said many a time, I love goldcrests for their fearlessness - our smallest bird will happily feed less than a metre from a human. They are a hard bird to photograph however, as they are so restless. And what a racket they make too!