Saturday, 7 November 2015


I'm lucky.

I'm lucky to be able to run, if with minor niggles here and there, lucky to be able to run where I want, lucky to take photographs of what I want and then lucky enough to be able to write about it otherwise.

No so easy for some folk.

Jimi Hendrix was playing "Freedom" on 6 Music as I ran along, as exercised my freedom not to listen to "Any Answers" on Radio 4 and its fruitcake callers. That got me thinking. How much freedom to explore, blog and photograph would a nature blogger in say, Saudi Arabia, or Mali, or perhaps China have? For I can jump fences to take pictures sometimes, without facing 15 years in jail.

I suppose some would say that survival full stop is more important, but survival without writing, and appreciating the world around you, is a very empty kind of living. Words are important.

That's why I can't stand people who do nothing but sit on their backsides and watch X-Factor and Jeremy Kyle and contribute a whole lot of nothing to the world. I may not do a whole lot, but at least I try. And appreciate the freedom I have to do so.

Thinking under a big sky!



  1. Great post, Simon; very thoughtful and thought-provoking. Thanks.

  2. Amazing photos, they really capture the beauty of a winter sun.

    Yes we are so lucky to be able to read, write and comment on anything we want without being thrown in prison for it. I am humbled by the bravery of people who speak out against repressive regimes, putting their lives at risk to fight for a fairer world.

    Also a 6music fan :)

  3. You are so right Si.

    It looks similar weather to ours - everywhere is wet through but occasionally the sun livens us all up.

  4. Great post Simon - very thought-provoking and amazing photos :)

  5. Nice moody pictures, your blog entry brings to mind that famous quote from an old movie "... They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom !
    keep jumping those fences while you can.

  6. I'm so glad you all found this a worthwhile read, I was worried I was coming across as a bit pious and worthy! So appreciate your support.