Monday, 9 November 2015

Squirrey the Squirrel went "Neep neep neep"...

Well today was a far more productive day, although it didn't seem like it was going to be this morning. I was awake early, but I was faffing far too much, listening to the absurdly difficult literary quiz show on Radio 4 Extra and then making myself a decent breakfast for a change; eggs on toast with enoki mushrooms.

Why I had bought these enoki mushrooms is beyond me; they are expensive and tasted pretty much the same as any other mushroom I've ever eaten i.e. of not a whole lot. It was just a strange craving I had for unusual fungal matter. Perhaps I'm pregnant.

I went to the park on yet another photographic mission, and once again the weather was horrible. The rain pelted down driven by a strong southerly wind and the birds kept to the high branches, singing mockingly at me as they did so. Long tailed tits were about, but never settled long enough for a shot, and the normally tame enough pied wagtails kept a distance.

Luckily a chubby squirrel was on hand to provide a good, if obvious, photographic target.

The day wasn't done with me yet. As I walked through the market square, there was a tremendous commotion overhead, and two large echelons of geese came honking past low over the town. I was cursing not being able to get even my mobile phone camera ready in time, but I was amazed to see the geese loop round and come back over the market aqain.

I'm pretty sure they were canada geese - it was hard to tell in the dead grey light - but I've never seen them flying in such large formations, at that time of day; it was 1pm. I wonder if they had been spooked from a body of water somewhere.

Even later on, I got a solid ten mile run in as the light fell. Still not good enough in terms of marathon training - less than three weeks to go now - but a decent trip out nonetheless.

Hope the weather isn't stopping you from getting out.


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  1. Love the Grey Squirrel - great photos Simon.

  2. Well I hope you aren't pregnant Simon :) although you would make a lot of money via the media :)

    Great shots of the squirrel.....not a lover of them but he is a handsome looking chap.

    The weather is so grey but at least at this point it is not raining so I am still clearing leaves from the garden :((

  3. Squirrels really are photogenic little things - glad this one posed for you Si.

  4. Thank you very much for your comments. It was a frustrating day, really want to get some birdy shots,. Birds don't want to play, and they won't come to my new feeders