Saturday, 14 November 2015

I've Had Visitors!

I was so tired today after my shift, it was well after midday before I emerged into a wet world full of soggy leaves being blown around in the wind. I was amazed that my feeder had stayed on the tree in that wind, and then delighted to see that it had very evidently had some visitors nibbling away at the fat balls!

I haven't seen anyone on the tree yet, but I shall have a good sit out with my camera tomorrow and see who's been dropping by. My guess is great tits.

The weather has been terrible, but I was determined to go to the park, enjoy the day, and see what I could see. As should we all, wherever we are. Because that's how we beat the murderers of all those Parisiens.

By showing we enjoy life more than they do, and will never stop.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackered 14.11.15

See the nibbles?

Damp park

Squelchy soccer

Wetter river

The rain refills the drained Trent

Otters are loving it


  1. My pictures from today are eerily similar. We had 8.7 inches of rain! I like your sentiment of enjoying life more than the terrorists do, and I intend to do just that every day. Actually, it can't be that hard; what miserable bastards they must be.

  2. I hope you get lots of visitors to your feeders

    And you're exactly right about the terrorists, we have to carry on enjoying life regardless, not let them stop us living

  3. Look forward to see who is pecking away at the suet........

    The weather is miserable........we had lots of rain yesterday but today is dull and dry.
    I have forgotten what the sun looks like :)

  4. Thanks folks! The visitors have been busy again, it seems they've only found the feeder in the last couple of days and are making up for lost time! But I still haven't caught anyone yet!