Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Sunset and Mist

The mist today has eased, the mist yesterday never lifted, and the mist the day before, Sunday, was stunning.

I mentioned in my previous post how after photographing the Morris festivities, I cycled to the park for a cup of tea and a read in beautiful soft, soft, light.

Well this is what it looked like.

I always like to look at people lost in the fog, and trying to imagine that their world is indeed a perpetual gloom of mizzle rather than the relatively clear conditions that they, like I, would be having. Folk were playing football, someone was flying a quadro-copter and children played on the climbing frame, all of them in blurred silhouette, detail washed away by the cloud.

Dogs frolicked as an old man walked by with a stick, like Japanese shadow puppets. Other people walked into the distance and were swallowed up into the gloom as they crossed a sort of climatological event horizon.

It was eerie, and beautiful.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 03.11.15

Sunset over the park

Was studying this shot for hints of sunspots

The playground

The fog rises

Couple in the gloom

Vanishing footballers


  1. I love images taken in misty or foggy conditions.
    Everything looks so mysterious.

    I remember years ago walking in a wooded area with my dogs in fog.
    Two woodpigeons flew from the trees and frightened the life out of me.
    I never walked in woods in the fog again :)

  2. You have some lovely images, fog looks wonderful when the sun is trying to shine through it....
    Amanda xx

  3. The fog has been replaced by rain now, so I am travelling around with my yellow kag atrocity, looking like a ghost with neon jaundice

  4. Misty and mysterious. Really like that first sun shot. Rain here too Si, unfortunately. Looks to have set in for the week now.

  5. Hopefully I can find rainless windows to do my marathon training in!

  6. You captured the Sun well. There were Sunspots on the left hand side on Sunday. I guess the misty conditions masked them for you,

  7. My hopeless inability to focus as well, I dare say!