Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Longest Longest Longest Ever Run

As my regular readers may remember, I've been supposedly training for a marathon to take place here on the 28th November, but have been struggling with various niggling injuries for months.

Well, with the big day so close, today was going to be last chance I had to get a really long, final training run in. My longest one so far has been 25km, with a few 16km runs thrown in as well, but this isn't really the kind of mileage - well you can't say "kilometerage" - the training plans are suggesting.

Even with the weather forecast as bad as it was, there was no chance I could give this a miss. Had to do it, had to know I was capable of the distance on the day. I was hoping to get out and back before the storm arrived in the afternoon.

Wanting to avoid any upset stomach, I didn't eat anything in the morning before I left, but took along with me a bag of jelly beans, which really helped despite the fact that eating them on the run is actually a rather tricky business, it rather obstructing your breathing and there bring a risk of choking on the gelatinous mass in your mouth as well. But without that energy boost, I might have struggled.

For I ran 30.4 km in 3 hours 46 minutes, the furthest I've ever run. It was slow going, and the rain did lash down on me for the last hour, but I survived to get my cup of tea at the end, having run from home, to Bowbridge, to Hawton, to Cotham, to Thorpe, to Fanrdon, and then onto Rumbles coffee shop for a cup of tea, by which time I was pretty much on my last legs.

I was wearing my new trail running shoes, a pair of Kalenji Kapteren Explorers from Decathlon, which have basically been bought specifically for the marathon given that the route is largely off road and the weather has been, hey guess what, really wet lately. They feel rather stiff on the road, and with the deep tread it's actually rather like running in football studs on concrete, but off road they are comfortable and stable.

At £12.99 they aren't really designed for long runs, according to the website, but they handled the distance fine and I've only got a small blister that you would expect anyway running this kind of distance.

When I finished, I felt the urge to eat all things, and ended up eating two meals in two hours. According to MapMyRun, I'd burned the small matter of 3000 calories, so that's no surprise.

Especially as I'm an oinker when it comes to food, even without 30km in my legs.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 17.11.15 - I have received nothing from Decathlon for reviewing their trainers. In fact I've never received anything at all, not one tiny little thing, from anyone. If anyone from Decathlon reads this, feel free to lob me some stuff. Same goes for anyone else with running, walking, astronomy, photography or birdwatching gear. Oh yes, and rum as well. 

30 kilometres of ache


  1. That's a fantastic achievement Si! The rum's all yours if you're ever in this neck of the woods.

  2. Well done! I haven't managed even a short run in months. No one's fault but my own. Thanks for the inspiration to get back into it!

  3. I admire your determination Simon, very impressive!

  4. Well done you Si. Might chocolate have been a better choice than jelly beans?

  5. Thanks all let's hope I can now manage the real thing! Chocolate is a bit melty to be running with, and the dairy in it might upset a running stomach. So pleased I managed this distance though.

  6. Well done Si! Your run bodes well for the impending marathon!

  7. I hope so Pam, I will do the best I can

  8. Excellent Si- well done. Now no more long runs until the day itself OK?

  9. No that's it. I may not even run at all, just do some cycling and avoid any more niggles.