Friday, 27 November 2015

In the Glare of Flare

One thing that I've noticed my new camera doesn't do, is deal with the sun very well. Or rather, it does, but not in a fun way. It just puts a thick, bright line or arc straight through the shot.

My wonky old Motorola mobile phone camera, however, is far and rather groovier.  The faintest glimpse of a low sun, especially in this example taken on Beacon Hill Reserve, and a psychedelic wormhole to another universe opens up, there on the screen before you.

What I'm actually doing is preparing for my marathon run tomorrow; by preparation I mean emptying my mind and doing nothing at all that might harm my body. Like moving.

We will see how I go.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 27.11.15


  1. Groovy! I expect people pay good money for lenses that do wacky effects like that. I like it! The very best of luck tomorrow. You've put in the hard graft - I'm sure you'll reap the rewards. Enjoy!

  2. Even with the flare, I love it! Nothing beats a nice sunny shot! Hope it all goes amazingly tomorrow! - Tasha

  3. Wishing a great run tomorrow!

  4. Interesting effects on the photo Simon - rather like it :) Wishing you all the very best for the Marathon tomorrow.

  5. Like something out of Dr Who! Hope the marathon went well.

  6. It did. I'm alive! Thanks for dropping by, and I'm writing up my marathon post!