Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Low Light Photography

My camera doesn't like it!

It's my fault. After a morning pottering around and getting a more aerodynamic haircut for my marathon, I spent too much time watching my 99p Oxfam purchase of "The Poseidon Adventure" chortling over the hilarious over the top characterisation. So my afternoon walk started after 330pm, with the invisible sun now lifting up the duvet of the horizon prior to getting in to bed.

Still, I enjoy walking by twilight, it seems a little more peaceful, so I decided to head down to London Road Lake to see what was about, under a beautifully burnished sky.

Sadly there's still no winter ducks about, and even the tufted ducks seem to be on holiday from local waters, so it was just the usual water traffic of mallards. coot, moorhen, and the usual elusive great crested grebes. But the light was so dim by this point, the camera just couldn't handle the light, and results were mainly disappointing.

However, this does mean that it means I get more practice on my Pixlr photo-editing app on my Chromebook; pity it crashes the machine more often than Evil Knievel. I love this little machine - great purchase for £129, but with only 2 GB RAM it can struggle a bit.

People of Newark know when I'm editing with it, as they can hear my howls of frustration all over town.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 24.11.15

Light coating of gold


Escaping moorhen

Coot leaving a churning wake

Grebe fail again

Man walks dog

Last gasp of colour

Great, a fly tipped fridge

Sustrans 64 from a bridge


  1. That is a great ropey cloud in the first photo.; very cool looking.

  2. Liked your metaphor for the sun going down, Si!

  3. You enjoyed your walk at twilight and managed a few pics...so a good result Si! I also like the sunset image|!

  4. Twilight is such a beautiful time of day...........

    I love the first image, it is striking.

    Don't you just hate it when people do that.....fly tippers are a soap box topic for me......don't get me started :))

  5. Thank you very much all, it was a lovely peaceful evening! I've had better light today on my long walk, so got some good images for later.

  6. I love a walk at twilight...in fact I even love the word twilight. Great image of the clouds.