Wednesday, 17 October 2018

All I have for you is The Sun and Sky

Late on we had more spectacular skies tonight, after a pleasant afternoon where the workplace kestrel flew past my  window on several occasions.

Been a bit ticcy the last couple of days, and I've really hurt my neck and shoulder. No run for me tonight, did an hour on  an exercise bike. Skanky afterwards.


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Monday, 15 October 2018

More Rain

You wouldn't know the sun had risen today, the sky was lucky to have made it as bright as "Battleship Grey" at any point today.

A grim day indeed, and unlike yesterday not one I wanted to get out in as there were no cafes open in the parks. But I still had a short walk, exploring the library gardens and the wet blooms within.

There was still the most wonderful smell of lavender in the air, augmented by the wet weather. The mysterious green fruit by the library door I've now discovered are actually those of a species of walnut tree.

Other flowers are blooming, the library has a lot of books in it, I've watched some decent films. Nothing exciting about the day. Just nice.


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Sunday, 14 October 2018

You Left me Walking in the Rain

So, after the great heat and humidity of yesterday, today has been a day of heavy  rain.

Of course, this wasn't going to stop me from going out, of  course not. I just put on my waterproof cycling jacket, and headed off for a walk. It was rather cool and refreshing while the rain wasn't too bad, but it did get heavier and it made me feel rather stupid for forgetting to change into my walking trousers - I hate wet jeans.

Bad weather or not, dogs have to be walked, and there were various specimens leading their sodden owners along the Sconce Park trails. One very wet looking collie was having a tremdously exciting game of frisbee, so up for it the dog was, ears as upright as you could get.

Me after an hour trotting about, I was ready for a cup of tea, and I had one at Rumbles while Radio 4 made me thirsty talking about cider making.

I've had many worse days.


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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Running Like a Mime Artist

The weather today and yesterday has been very very strange for any time of the year, let alone October. Temperatures have been in the  mid-twenties yet there have been hot 50 mile an hour winds blasting through the trees and ruining the composure of Ewalina's larger pot plants.

Despite Storm Callum having a good time out there, I decided it was still too nice to not go for a run so I picked a route that  would enable me to have a tailwind on the run back home.

Of course this meant I would have to run into the wind for the first half, and this resulted in some fairly comical struggles, with teenage girls openly laughing at me as I ran past making running style shapes, but actually travelling at less than walking pace.

I've no doubt I looked like Marcel Marceau doing a particularly bad "walking in the wind" mime routine, feeling like I had to almost swim strokes through the air to get anywhere.

It did get better, when I turned out of the headwind under wide open skies, but I was already totally knackered and came home very slowly indeed.

I cared not. It was 8km outside.


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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Golden Hour

If last night's sunset was stunning, tonight's actually managed to surpass it.

Between 5pm and 6pm was indeed a golden hour; the light was incredible and gilded everything in the most wonderful way. Even my awful face. Probably.

Still lots of pennyroyal growing out on the grasslands; new growth is coming through. This morning the buzzards were circling low overhead looking for thermals, white underwing patches easily visible. The myxomatosis outbreak is over; no more bunny carrion for them.

Now the night is with us, I'm just back from a run, 5km in 27.07 and I'm boiling hot.


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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Sugar Factory Sunset

So it has been my, gulp, 46th Birthday today, although I don't remotely feel that old either physically or mentally.

It's actually been a pleasant day at work, with kind gifts of rum, cake and chocolate, muchly appreciated too. I didn't even stuff myself too much, and most folk near my desk had a slice of chocolate caterpillar. Or "human centipede" as I referred to it.

If you don't get that reference, don't look it up.

The sugar factory, the town's Gotham City type most prominent landmark, is back on campaign, and the unmistakable earthy smell pervades the town again when autumnal winds blow from the north-west. When I'm out running or cycling in the countryside, the roads will be lined with the lumpy brown things, as Blackadder described the potato way back when.

I always find it odd that these most gnarly of roots end up keeping my cups of tea sweet.

The factory looked stunning, against the stunning sunset.


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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Colours and Pollinators

So, a slightly livelier day for me today, with a decent walk to and around the park this morning, and a 6km run around the two lakes in the afternoon.

The sun was  out, but it was chilly! But finding a nice place to sit a Rumbles always helps; it does act as a bit  of a suntrap under a decent sun, I've quite happily sat out there in zero temperatures before. That's zero celsius by the way, not absolute zero. That would be stupid.

On my way back from there to buy a new exciting first for my home - a spray on olive oil spray thing - I came across a lovely white tailed bumblebee caught by one leg in a single strand of  spiders web.

I made a bit of a clumsy job  of freeing it, but that's what I did. Sorry spider.

Ivy is in full flower at the moment, much enjoyed by wasps who weren't keen on being photographed. However, a honeybee was are amenable.

The light then in the afternoon was lovely, and there was a friendly cat!


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Saturday, 6 October 2018

The Fruit Tree at the Library

I'm very tired again today after three days of running and other exercises, and rain meant it was a bit of a quiet day today.

I visited the library, took some books back, read a bit as I love to do, and went shopping. That was it. I liked the vivid yellow tree in the library gardens, a tree that has fruit on it too, like a quince or a crab apple.

I love the library gardens, this time of year there are about a  thousand different shades of green on view. As well as a load of fast food wrappers. But no folk with substance issues today.

Tomorrow I will be back out on the road, running in hopefully dry conditions, seeing if my holly tree gets any visitors, wondering if any redwing or fieldfare are about, seeing if there are more sparrowhawks flap flap gliding over.

So much to see I guess and you don't have to look very hard.


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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

A Running Guest

Came across this little character about 2km into my run tonight, 6km of fairly easy paced trotting on a mild evening, heavy cloud obscuring the moon, which is just as well as it hasn't risen yet, thinking about it.

I don't know if it is underweight or not, but it was certainly moving OK!

I've had a flu jab and thus have a sore arm, and a slightly off nose and throat. Didn't seem to affect my running as much as the fact as I'm rather bloated at the moment for some reason.

Need a winter jacket, the Decathlon website is calling...


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Monday, 1 October 2018

It's Hip to be Rose Hip

I've had another fairly exhausted day today,  cold  and tired, and other than tidy the flat a little and fail to photograph the insects on  the  ivy flowers; the little blighters were too high up.

So, flashback to last week, and a nice bright day where for some reason the dog rose  bushes at work have decided to come back into flower, providing a welcome late season food source for a few buzzers of various kinds.

It seems very strange to see the bush in flower when the rose hips themselves have now  gone over!


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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Busy Along the River

So, it was much colder today and with my brother in law to be paying a visit, I had less time to go running than I thought. But I still got myself out there, and did 5km along the River Trent and Devon.

It was all go. A Transit van involved in some sort of crime or other was abandoned on the Mill Llane, by the weir, and the police were busy loading it up to be towed to the station. To go with the youths killing squirrels with a catapult by Balderton Lake, there's been a bit of nastiness going on in town today.

The idea of going out without doing a crime or killing something seems to be a bit beyond a fair few people in this town


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Saturday, 29 September 2018

On not Visiting Southwell Ploughing Match

I was getting set to go for an afternoon run, when a quick look on my Instagram feed revealed that Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust had a stall at Southwell Ploughing Match, and seeing as I'd never been to a ploughing match before, I thought it might be fun to bike out there and visit them.

It was a lovely day for a ride too, bright and crisp, not too cold and windy.

Southwell Ploughing Match was of course, no where near Southwell. The wildlife trust said it was at South Muskham, so I headed out there. No ploughing match. I rode on to North Muskham, and a quick visit to the nature reserve there, but there was no ploughing going on there either.

A quick look at my phone then revealed that the match, which I thought would be a couple of hundred people and a tea van watching some blokes trundling around a field. It actually turned out that it was at  Little Carlton, was the largest one day agricultural show in the county, and cost ten quid to get into. I did see it away in the distance though. That's the only picture you get.

Having "Scottish blood" - OK I'm a bit tight! - that was a bit much for a couple of  hours, so I cycled back into town and went to the park for a cup of tea. In no sense a wasted afternoon!


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