Monday, 17 October 2016

Another Walk for Wellness I Put Together

I seem to be making a regular Friday feature of these; I will have to do more and more walks to generate more copy!


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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Raintime Funs

I awoke this morning to grey skies and puddles on the driveway being battered by further rain.

Oh dear, not a great start. But, as you know, I love being out in the rain, and I quickly got my fetish kag on and my equally unsexy green hiking trousers, and headed out into the wild weather.

I regretted it pretty quickly, I mean I enjoy being out in the rain, but not super heavy, penetrate all clothing and leave you soaking type rain. Not until I get some waterproof trousers to go with the kag. But I resolved to trot on, enjoying burning a little energy when not many other folk were brave enough to be out, and ope that my legs didn't get too wet.

As it happened, the rain had eased a little by the time I got to the park, and having had an enjoyable trot around along by the river and through the old wood, and amused myself watching some bedraggled football activity, I had a cup of tea while watching a sharply defined line of blue sky approaching from the south; the weather front was passing over.

By time I'd finished my tea, the sun was out and the dog walkers and child wranglers had made their way back outside.

After such an aqueous morning, the afternoon was a bright, warm delight so I headed out to run a gentle 10km, rather stiff after yesterday's Parkrun thrash. Bare legged, I ran round the two lakes, and enjoyed another cup of tea at the park!

Ooh, living it!


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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Ladybirds are Hiding

Had a very early start again for a Saturday, tearing out into a cold misty morning in order to have a blast at Parkrun. They had pacemakers today, resplendent in bright yellow with their target times pinned to their backs on a sign.

Over-optimistically I hared after the 24 minute guy at the start and managed to keep him in sight for about the first lap. But after that I began to fall back; I still haven't got my old speed back. But I still got round in just over 25 minutes, which was disapointing at the time but a big step up from the times I produced in my first two.

The cup of tea I had at the cafe afterwards was very satisfying, I can tell you. And the sun came out too.

There was a bit of library pottering after that, watching how the greens changed in the park with the sun going in and out of banks of mist...bright and vivid one minute, lush and wet the next.

When I got hime, I took advantage of a bright spell to have a scout round the trees and the flowering ivy. Lots of flies and wasps, but no bees or butterflies. What I did notice however, were lots of sleepy harlequin ladybirds, hiding in amongst the sycamore leaves.

I'd love to find one of those communal roosts they have under gateposts and places like that.


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Friday, 14 October 2016

Another Hedgehog Friend

Found on the same little park I'd seen those hoglets on a few weeks ago. I don't know how territorial hedgehogs are so I've no idea if this is one of those hoglets.

I hope that it is.

I also had an interesting encounter while out running the other night. A bat, larger than a pipistrelle, and with a very different, slower flight was circling around a flower planter by a pub in town, much more visible than bats normally are.

I imagine it was taking the insects attracted to the flowers, taking advantage of any chance it had to get food before winter, as are the blackbirds squabbling on my driveway in the dawn...

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Point, Flash and Shoot

Perhaps a little less fun than it might sound, but last night found me outside waiting to see if the clouds would break to allow a little stargaze.

Well, they didn't, and my attempt to see if my efforts at writing a guide to finding the Andromeda Galaxy from memory were hopeless or not, were thwarted.

Instead, now not having to worry about dark adapting my eyes, I took my mobile phone out and took some shots of the vegetation in my garden, to see if perhaps I could catch a sleepy silver-y moth on the ivy flowers or somesuch.

No such luck, although I did catch a sleeping harlequin ladybird on the crackly old honesty seed pods. But it is interesting to get a different view, albeit a rather washed out and overexposed one!


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Monday, 10 October 2016

Running while Dodging the Rain

Yes, I was lazy yesterday and never went running, but today, that wasn't going to be allowed to be an option. After a morning lazing around the park, reading "The Outrun" and drinking tea and coffee, a decent run was required to have me feeling a bit trimmer.

In the end, I did the Tour of the Two Lakes, he route I wrote about for my colleagues the other day.

I'd picked a good time of the day, as the sun was beginning to lower, making the reflections on the water look more spectacular, and the clouds brassier in colour.

There were lots of clouds to see as well, strange rain clouds scudding through on the cold Nor-Easterly, bringing rapid but short lived squalls into my face.

After becrying that only ivy seemed to be in flower at the moment, running along the cycle path revealed plenty of colourful toadflax, and also a bush-tree that blanketed parts of the path in small white flowers. Now there is also fungi coming into being, and I found a beauty out today.

9km I did in the end, under a lovely light, and I felt good for it. Need to do it four times a week!


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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Another Year Older

Well I hit 44 today, and rewarded myself by having a luxury breakfast of exotic mushrooms on toast before spending a lot of the day on the park reading Amy Liptrot's "The Outrun".

Initially the sun was bright and scorching on my face, my black jeans making my legs feel like they were burning. But as the afternoon wore on the clouds rolled in, getting darker and heavier by the minute, until the rain came and drove me off my table at the cafe, where a collie kept bringing me back its tennis ball instead of its owner.

I then went into town, where some strange daemon in my mind persuaded me to buy a sketch pad and pencils. I'd like to try and record a few sketches as well as photographs, terrible at drawing though I am. It gives me something else to do when I'm out, I expect working quickly will be my best approach. Or least worst, rather.

This last year has gone better than most, at long last I'm getting to write as part of my job. Where I take it from here I have no idea.

Here's a random set of photographs from the last three days. I was most perturbed to find a sary mask while out running the other night!


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