Sunday, 23 June 2019

Of Batty Girls and Chatty Ladies

I should have had a Sunday match today over Retford way, but it was cancelled by the opposition.

We would have struggled to raise a side as well, but for a very good reason. Most of  our Sunday regulars were over at our ground helping out with a large scale quick cricket festival which started off in the morning with junior games, which I watched for a bit and had a burger and a cup of tea, and then in the afternoon it became a Ladies' tournament, featuring the "Batty Girls" "Chatty Girls" "Aztecs" and "Nomads" playing in a round robin format.

The ground was thus busy all day, with drinks flowing in the bar, Prosecco being scoffed as a pre-match warm up by the women, and excellent burgers and sausages.

It would have been a terrible shame not to spend the whole day there, and I did with a short break to go to the park and do a quick bit of shopping.

Of course, inspired by all that was happening all around us, myself and a few other players went and had our own game, the first ever on our new second field. My grown up companions couldn't help but smash 10 year old bowlers for 6 though (says the man who would have if he was good enough).

I loved the very flash black plastic bats that we used.

A Notts County Cricket Club rep was doing the rounds, making big ticks as to how representational we were I hope!

The day seemed to be a big success overall, although no-one seemed sure as to who had won the whole thing. The expected bad weather held off, it was actually very warm and humid most of the day, and after  losing so much cricket this year it was nice to take a small part in really good event.

They wouldn't let me join one of the ladies teams though. Despite my injury.


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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Swinging that Ball Around

So, today was my first match back after my down below injury and also the nasty back spasm I had last weekend.

I was told I was unwise (read mad) to play, but the team needed me and I miss it to me. 7 hours where all I have to think about is the fun (!) and enjoyment (!!) of cricket is such a boon to me.

The RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight were obviously glad I was back though, as both a Dakota and a Spitfire appeared over the ground during the match.

To ensure maximum comfort, a cunning arrangement of underwear was devised, and I also did a lot of back stretches and wore a back brace to bowl. Needless to say, I took large amounts of painkillers as well. I'm not a Terminator.

I was very glad when we batted first against Southwell 2s, as it gave me a chance to do more warm ups and stretches. The wicket was slow and tricky, and although we didn't lose many wickets or  look troubled, we didn't really score quickly enough. Our father and son biffers had a great partnership to take us up to 120 for 3, and we initially though that that would be a testing target, as the outfield was very slow.

I was chosen to open the bowling, resplendent in my NHS issue brown corset, and I was nervous as hell as to how it was going to go. It could have gone a lot worse, as I was definitely hampered, although more by the back, as I could feel it tighten every time I gathered for the leap into the delivery stride and I wasn't able to really get through my action properly.

Frankly I bowl enough wides and no balls as it is without something else throwing my line out of whack, although to be fair to myself I haven't bowled in weeks.

However, I did manage to produce a big booming inswinger to bowl Southwell's left handed opener, and cause problems to the batsmen amidst the mediocrity, but they key moment came when the skipper dropped a difficult chance off my bowling, of the guy who rode his luck to score 71 and win them the game. He kept hitting the ball in their air, and it just never went to hand.

We fought to the end, but they won by 6 wickets. Nice direct hit run out by a guy who hasn't played in nearly two years though. That was good to see!


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Thursday, 20 June 2019

A Romantic Trip to a Traffic Island

So, on my way home I did stop at the council seeded wildflower meadow on the traffic island near where I work, and gosh it was worth it.

Not for the setting, no, it isn't the sort of place I would take someone on a date what with the traffic from 3 major junctions hurtling past, and the whiff of KFC mixed with Sewage works, but it is very much alive and beautiful.

Today it graced me with a brand new super fresh small tortoiseshell, a second flighter quivering its wings in the manner they do as it nectared off a cornflower. Cold weather meant it was suprisingly amenable to being photographed and even filmed.

There were plenty of other insects around too, and I'm so glad the council did this.

Our own wild verges on campus have plenty of insects too, and today, a newly emerged pyramidal orchid!

It kept my mind off the discomfort!


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Monday, 17 June 2019

Nuada the Knocker

So, it's been a day of double pain, with my lower back still painful from the spasm, and the intimate male area still sore as well. Getting out of bed was a real struggle, and while I'm ok when I'm walking, sitting down and standing up and requires a block and tackle to successfully achieve.

But, it has been a nice day to wander around the river and photograph the sights on the river; plenty of traffic now that summer is here and the dry dock is busy working on the various working tugs and dredgers that keep the river navigable.

Wonder how you get a job driving one?

So, I met my sister in town in the afternoon and we had a look on the bric a brac stalls on the market, much loved by the  local steampunks. My sister spotted a lovely Celtic looking door knocker, which to me looks like some sort of representation of the Celtic sun god Nuada.

Nuada is the god that Christopher Lee sacrificed Edward Woodward to in the film "The Wicker Man". Should have bought the knocker to make unwelcome visitors to my new flat fear the same fate!


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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Cricket from the Sidelines

So this morning, I found a few bees and a bee fly mimic in the park, much attracted to the dandelions, and then in the morning, I went to Balderton to watch my Sunday XI play, you know, being supportive, a good clubman and all that.

Much gentle joshing followed by the travelling support we had, which increased as the afternoon went on. Anyone would have thought that news had got out that we were playing an action packed thriller, as opposed to what appeared from the sidelines to be a rather turgid affair on a very slow pitch with an outfield like a grand national fence.

Our bowling looked steady and accurate however, and we restricted the opposition to 106-4 off 30 overs - it was a shortened game due to a few showers happening. I say we, I should say they, as my contribution was restricted to cheering our bowlers.

I felt very left out I must say.

So, when Newark batted, the pitch looked even harder to time the ball on and the scoring rate was glacial, and with our opening bats attempting every now and then to run themselves out, I did wonder how we would go. But then a higher gear was found and some boundaries were hit, although not before the captain was finally run out by his partner.

We were on about 60-1 when I had to leave.

Every so often I experimented with fielding and bowling, to puzzled looks. I'm still struggling to pick the ball up.

Worse was to follow though, as I picked up a back spam later on, although hopefully that will ease in a day or two. Just from taking my shoes off. Jeez.


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