Thursday, 15 November 2018

Yet More Stunning Skies

WE have been really spoiled this autumn, skywise.

My right foot hasn't been spoiled however; with my heel still sore, the slight alteration of my walking seems to have given me a set of mighty blood blisters on the ball of self same foot. Irritating and now causing other mischief too.

I'm using cycling  and exercise bikes to stay fit but  feel very podgy.


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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Let there be More Light

Lights for a certain time of the year are appearing in town, a time I  tend not to acknowledge in my personal life until December 1st, when I put that particular Waitresses song on.

However, of  course towns must make preparations, and so they are doing here. The lights shouldn't actually be  on that, but they have to test them. This has the added benefit of driving the violent gobby kids out of town centre.

They look fabulous! They always do.


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Monday, 12 November 2018

Evening Skyscapes

After my tumultuous floor mopping exploits yesterday, I was rather knackered today and knowing I was going to have a workout in the evening - 65 minutes on the exercise bike - I took it easy and ended up repeatedly falling asleep while watching Hugh Jackman in "Logan".

Eventually I went out to  sort some library books out, and enjoyed the crescent moon, joined nearby by planet Saturn as the evening darkened.

I may do some astronomy later, or carry on watching Luther boxsets.


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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Armistice Day

I was up early today in order to watch the memorial parade (I was hoping there would be a flypast, but there wasn't), do some shopping  and try and have a bit  of a walk on my sore heel.

The memorial parade was the most attended I can remember, and indeed as it turned out it had the highest attendance ever. You couldn't get near the ceremony.

As you can see the people watching were wearing all sorts of clothes, many coats with hoods on a rainy morning. I think service veterans would rather people be there irrespective of what they were wearing.

I then went for a trot round the shops, and the river, and Rumbles cafe, and back into town, buying mops and buckets, and cushioned insoles on my travels.

Walking home, mop over my shoulder, I then found myself suddenly overtaken by the parade at the end of the ceremony as they went back to the muster point. I must have looked like some sort of Dads Army figure as I walked along like a particularly rubbish member of the Home Guard.

A police woman I know was having a right chuckle as I walked by.

The afternoon I tried out the insoles...I've walked 8 miles today and my foot isn't  any worse, but the jury is still out!


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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Rain is Coming In

I've had an entirely restful day where I haven't done much apart from go the park for a cup of tea, listen to the radio and watch the various weather fronts come over.

I'm still resting my heel and I'm happy to report that it seems to be a bit less painful today,especially without having to traipse all over our huge work campus. My neck and shoulder are still troublesome however, so I'm having to be careful.

We will see how I feel tomorrow.


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Monday, 5 November 2018

OK, Let's go for a Ride

So, buggered heels and blistered feet aren't affected by cycling, so I decided more or less on the spare of the moment to go out on my clunky old mountain bike, on the old favourite Cotham - Elston - Thorpe route, a hack of about 23km.

Took me just over an hour, and was highly enjoyable. I was looking for winter thrushes and didn't see a single one, but there were some nice flocks of chaffinch ransacking the berries in the hedgerows.

In the ploughed fields herring and black backed gulls hulked about, looking for whatever pickings they may. No buzzards or owls - thought I might see an early owl on the move as the light was fading.

So nothing major seen, but I was glad to be riding again.


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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Blisters and Bruised Heels

Well, I've had two walks today for a total of about three hours outside, on a mild day with the sort of light refreshing rain I actually rather like.

I can't run at the moment due to this heel pain I've got at the moment, perhaps plantar fascitis. I thought I'd be  ok to walk though, however, I'm now pretty sore and  just to add to the irritation I'm sporting a blister on my heel.

I'm really hoping my winter training is not going to be ruined by injury, as tendonitis ruined it last winter.

Oh yep, I've been bitten on the wrist by a gnat as well, I noticed them flying around my garden in the mizzley afternoon.

Today, I just took a few photographs of what I saw as I  walked around. Nothing spectacular.


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