Saturday, 16 December 2017

Thoughts of Flight

It's Saturday, and because it's Saturday I am exhausted.

That seems to be the law these days, a busy week at work with the usual struggle to sleep at night, and then the weekend is spent dozing on the sofa. I did get out of the house - and recorded my 10,000 steps lol - but my Christmas shopping attempt failed, and I was soon asleep on the home again.

I had a brief interlude outside in the garden, and during it the local para-power-glider whatever came over. It's always the same person, weirdly clunky little powered cockpit slung under a bright green parachute like an under-ripe banana, sailing over my part of town for a change.

Normally they fly over the Sconce Park end of town, buzzing like a sickly bee, but today, they graced me with an overflight. And as I watched, I wished instead of being trapped on the ground with this tiredness, and I could just strap on a ripening fruit with a lawnmower engine and take flight, head off into the sky to visit those places I want to.

Imagine gently rasping over the Uffington White Horse or the Rude Man of Cerne? It would be amazing. To buzz the Long Man of Wilmington! Amazing.

Yes I'm a little fixated with antiquarian stuff, I'd love to visit that part of the world. But at the moment I am just too darn tired. Hopefully tomorrow, along walk awaits. I have a route in mind...


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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

In Rainbows

Thankfully a dry, but slightly warmer start to the day, riding in before the dark clouds rolled in on a westerly and deposited a blatter of sleet upon the roofs of the shivering cars.

Eventually the clothes rolled over far enough to reveal brighter skies, and as it did so, right about when I was struggling to erect a cardboard eco tree that someone had binned by mistake, a vivid if incomplete rainbow sprung up behind the cars, behind the trees, behind the automobilic river of the A17 to Sleaford.

No-one else seemed interested about it apart from me, a beauty ignored by all.



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Monday, 11 December 2017

Old Cars on a Cold Day

As part of the rather disappointing Christmas Market - a lot of stalls pulled out on account of the weather apparently - East Midlands Classic Car Club turned up with some nice pretty cars to look at.

Now I am far from a petrolhead; I don't drive and I don't suppose I will ever learn now, it's my way of keeping the people of Britain safe. But I love the days of cars with character, cars with faces, just like you don't see any more.

These cars were also decidely of a non British-Leyland bent, the company designed to destroy the UK car industry by making some of the most appalling and ugly cars ever made. I think East Midlands Car Club have virtually all of the working Austin Allegros left, you see those at the summer festival. They were famously more aerodynamic when travelling backwards.

These beasts were much sportier; rally looking Escort mark 1s and Capris, the sort you used to see doing rallycross on Grandstand in 1982, the classic vehicle for "Kev and Sharon" green plastic strips at the top of the windscreen.

If you want to be super-stereotypical, perhaps even a pair of fluffy dice as well.

Soon, you might even see my stepfather's Peugeot 205 cabby there, his pride and joy!


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Sunday, 10 December 2017

It's Winter Cliche Time!

So yes, when I awoke today I could look out the window and see the snow on the roof tops, see the small flakes like spindrift falling out of the sky. It wasn't a heavy fall with big fat flakes, but it had settled.

Good. It wasn't a work day, and it gave me a chance to try out my new Karrimors (weatherproof, supposedly) and take some nice winter shots, same as everyone else does. I was out for 3 hours in the end and enjoyed every second of it - apparently when some kids of a certain background came into Rumbles cafe and behaved like animals - and got some nice shots.

There were my first winter thrushes too - a few redwing berry hunting along the cycle path - as well as a happily chubby female bullfinch, drawing attention to herself with a burlesque flash of white rump. Mixed flocks of tits tweeped through the bare trees, and that pink footed goose was still by the blue lake. My Karrimor's behaved well, had been worried after a bit of pinching on the top of my foot, and they are certainly warm.

The snow kept pricking down, on the revellers at the Christmas Market being sold overpriced hog roast or wood fired pizza. I ate and slept all afternoon.

It was a nice day.


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Saturday, 9 December 2017

The Most Wasted Building in Town

After my tiring as heck week, I've barely had the energy to move today. Woke up. Fell asleep. Woke up, went shopping. Fell asleep. Went shopping, fell asleep. Bath.

While I was shopping, I did two things of note. One was buying a new pair of Karrimor (actual) walking shoes, as I need something weatherproof for my winter walking, and had a look around the Buttermarket, the high end shopping development.

The shoes are pinching my feet on the top a little bit, and may have to go back which is ridiculous as I am really a size 9 and these are a 10, I've just been trying to bend them in a bit.

The Buttermarket isn't doing much better. Part of the town hall complex, it is actually a wonderful space. But the rents and rates on the premises seem to be so high that at best a few years ago, half the units were filled. Now, less than a quarter still seem to be in use, the popular bookshop has long since relocated, and a lot of the units seem to rotate between candles, computer bits and bobs and novelty T-shorts with none of them lasting more than a year.

Many many years ago, before the building was refurbed, there was a popular indoor market here; I dimly remember it and its stall selling bits of model train sets. Unless my memory is playing tricks with me. That market thrived, and local people continually compare it with the ghostly nature of the current development.

Rumour has it a Primark might be on the way...


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Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Herb Garden in Winter

Presumably because it got planted so late, our little workplace herb garden is still flowering with lavender and some sort of sagey bloom blooming. There's even a weed that has found its way in, with pretty little white flowers. Wonder what it is.

Obviously there are no bees visiting now and it's too cold for even the maddest of red admirals. The weather has now snapped colder again, with snow forecast but thankfully not on a work day, and I fancy there might be some good walking to be had of the weekend.

I might even try a gentle run. There can be no doubt that since my ankle injury I've put weight on, and I'm rather unhappy about that. The fact that food is one of the things that makes me happy doesn't help either. Either way, exercise bikes and walking don't seem to be cutting it.

I promise you, dear ankle, I'll be gentle.


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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

24 Hour Party Squirrels

Sorry for the lack of exciting (!) updates over the last couple of days, I've had a bit of a major event taking place, and I'm utterly exhausted.

We've now had the 24 Hour Static Bike Race at work.

We started at midday on Monday, with four intrepid riders sat on their noble, if immobile steeds, in two trailers supplied by our nominated charity, and ran right the way through until midday today.

I was there at the start, and I was there for the finish, with local media attending, after working a twelve hour stint from midnight this morning, during which time I rode two one hour stints myself.

The highlight was setting the greatest distance by a male in a one hour period (38.00km) although as an organiser I don't get to win a prize, the low point was having the trailer doors thrown open (at a very cold and windy 6am) in an attempt to clear the facility of the combined man-stink of me and another rider.

You'd have thought our combined pheromones would have been desirable.

I managed to stay awake for about 28-30 hours continually, apart from a sneaky 5 minute nap in the warm - gosh how I needed that - and was really ready for bed when I cycled home at 130pm.

(That cycle home that tired wasn't very nice, I do not recommend it).

Going to bed however was delayed by the appearance of squirrel in my little oak tree, whom I noticed pick a substantial twig up from the ground before taking it up onto a bough to seemingly strip of something. Until it caught me watching it, at which point it dropped the twig and scarpered.

Sorry, nutkin!!! But it was a nice interlude before a bit of (not enough) sleep.


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