Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Owls of Lincoln

I thought I'd out these feathery fellows in a separate post. Not sure who looks after them, they are not Kilton Raptor Rescue Birds. I think there may be a Lincoln Owl Rescue centre somewhere.

Today, I got in a decent 7km run despite feeling a bit grotty all day. The rain relented to leave a lovely sunset, and I have been watching RPGs this evening while experimenting with microwaving bacon because I hate the mess of frying.

It seemed to work.


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Saturday, 12 October 2019

A Rapid Raid on Lincoln

I have a little birthday money to spend thanks to my parents, and this being Newark I've found it impossible to find anything good to spend it on.

So today I thought I'd head for Lincoln and see if there was anything worth getting, and I've ended up with a waistcoat and an Atari Asteroids T-Shirt, my attempts to descend into full on geekdom slightly satisfied. I didn't feel too amazing in the city today, so didn't spend enough time up there to see all I wanted to.

I did have a visit to the museum, which given a better day I would have spent more time in, espeically as it offered the chance to be guided by an actual goggle eyed robot seemingly called "Lindsey", who rolled around looking for punters and not wanting to have a selfie taken with me.

Sensible bot!

Lincoln of course was a major Roman settlement, located at one end of the Fosseway, and the museum concentrates on this aspect of the local history. The coins were amazing, the gold soldati from the late Empire period shining like they were minted only yesterday. Worth a lot of money back then, even more now.

The mod cafe has closed down - sad!


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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Another Year Older

So I hit 47 yesterday, not a massively wonderful occasion, and today, I have been going round town trying to buy msyself a few things.

I have scoured all the second hand shops looking for interesting clothes, looked in the sports shops for new bits and bobs I need, and looked in Millets for any gadgets I might find handy.

I have come back with a haul of precisely zero, apart from a balsa wood glider and rubber band powered helicopter I bought from Access Models for a fiver. I'm rubbish at shopping.

I think I will head to Lincoln at the weekend to raid Primark and go to the museum, and get some stuff from Decathlon website.

I've been feeling very sore today with my back, so I've only had a walk with a couple of cups of tea on route. Ticced my back into a pull I think.

But at least I have some photographs for you. I'm going to watch Space 1999 now!


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Monday, 7 October 2019

The Cygnet Committee

It's been yet another grey day today, with intermittent rain, but I have been out both walking and running, buying some fabulous Aldi Converse knock-offs, and a new Millets rucksack to replace the one I have that has developed an alarming hole in the medicine compartment.

The October migrants have been reported as starting to arrive, the nightime passovers of cheaping redwing, but I haven't heard anything yet as I have done in the past at my old flat. We tend not to see them until after Christmas anyway in town, unless conditions are really hard. Likewise the winter waterfowl such as goosander and the occasional pochard that visit Balderton Blue Lake, which I haven't visited in a while since I moved.

Today, the swan family on the trent were up at the lock, the water level very high again. Cygnet Committee by the way is a song on David Bowie's "Space Oddity" album, but only listen if you have a bit of time handy.

It is nearly ten minutes long.


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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Catmint for Dinner

I've been very tired again today, after a lot of exercise yesterday, and it's just been a pottering sort oday really. A lot of walking paths are far too wet and muddy for casual walking at the  moment, so all I've done really is go to Rumbles and have a cup of tea, and tried to write about sci-fi.

I'm working on a short piece about the movie "Fantastic Voyage" whose incredible effects captivated so much as a child and led it to become one of the first science fiction films I remember.

Most of the flowers around the Sconce are dying now, apart from one species. There is still plenty of catmint in bloom in the little mini-sconce, and the hardiest bumbles of all are still feeding away. Lots of common carders were buzzing about, their golden thoraxes standing out in the pale sun that arrived after the rain.

All life and colour must be cherished as the dark months come around, before the January rebirth.


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Saturday, 5 October 2019

The Dockless Bike (Non) Revolution

Hire bike schemes are one of the most significant stories of modern day sustainable transport around the world, and in the UK you only have to see how successful the Santander bikes have been to realise this.

Nottingham has Citycard Cycles, and I often notive one of their bikes parked up at the library, presumably on a month long hire. So they must be popular too.

More recently, a new type of scheme has found its way into the UK, where the hire bikes don't actually need to be parked in a formal dock, and can be unlocked where you find them by using an app. One such is Ofo, which started off in China, and has made its way into Europe.

It is safe to say that this sort of set-up has not worked as well in the UK as it has in other countries in Europe such as Denmark or the Netherlands, countries with a massively ingrained cycling culture that enables these bikes to be respected and used in the manner for which they are intended.

In this country, the bikes have been stolen, vandalised, and chucked into rivers in their hundreds, and most dockless schemes in the UK seem to be being abandoned. Which is really sad.

Ofo runs no schemes nearer to Newark than oxford, yet I've seen one of their bikes parked up at work. Today, I found two for sale on the market place. It seems that the abandoned schemes have been auctioning their old bikes off.

£100 for the ones I saw today, and although they would be too heavy and slow for me, they might be ideal for some folk for gentle commuting, especially as they come with inbuilt dynamo lighting.

In other news, a week's worth of rain has left us in a rather sodden town, with lock gates closed against the floods and the River Devon flooding its pastures. I've had a walk and a run, despite feeling very tired, and I've enjoyed watching the athletics.

Yay to Dasher!


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Monday, 30 September 2019

The Power of Water

I ventured down to the weir today, while the weather was still good and heavy rain hadn't put an end to my plans to run tonight.

The noise it makes, the ferocity of it, is something I always find quite awe inspiring at close quarters. If you get trapped in it, I always feel you've had it, but then I have seen folk practicing their canoeing in it, and even scene folk walking across the top of it when you would think that one slip would mean certain death.

Admittedly today, the high water levels you can see in the photographs would have added to its primal power.

There's plenty of himalayan balsam growing down there to add colour, and ivy is now in flower providing feeding stations for late season pollinators. The best think I saw today though, was something I haven't seen in town for a while.

Grey wagtails used to nest under the castle wall a few years ago, but I haven't seen one of these lovely colourful birds since. However, today I came across one on the calm waters the other side of the river wall from the weir.

Typically it flew off before I could get a photo!


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