Saturday, 24 August 2019

Close but no Cigar at the Barracks

Today the second team played Attenborough 4ths at a ground that turned out to be Chetwynd Barracks in Chilwell on the other side of Notts. I travelled with our skipper, and we immediately found the rather foreboding barbed wire fence around the ground, but with no actual entrance.

After being directed, we still got it wrong, but we made it on the third go to find ourselves going through a proper military checkpoint, with a uniformed guard and presumably hidden missile batteries pointing at us if we out a foot wrong. Luckily, we didn't look too well dodge or anything like that, and were directed past various military things to the sports ground, which was immaculate apart from the wicket that looked like it had been rolled by a Chieftain tank whose driver had a grudge against grass.

We knew it would be hard to score on, despite the short boundaries, and so it proved. The ball either scuttled along the ground, or stopped and spat, and runs had to be worked hard for. Our opener made 27, and our young-ish middle order bat scored a fine 41, but it was tough for the others.

I managed to spank 10 without any clear idea of what I was doing, until I tried to heave a short ball that didn't bounce into the Chilwell de-militarised zone. It did help us to 117, which we hoped would be a competitive score.

It was too, although their bats used to their own wicket probably found it a bit easier. Our third team captain, having re-appeared after batting in about 6 greyish layers, bowled very well, taking a couple of wickets, and I bowled ok for a bit, getting their opener caught behind without him actually really hitting it I think, until their one confident bat walked across the stumps to my inswingers and flicked me to the boundary for a couple of boundaries resulting in me being taken off.

We still tries to keep it tight, and took them right to the 40th over, but we couldn't get their left hander out and that cost us.

Relegation is now almost certain alas, but not for want of trying.


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Friday, 23 August 2019

Barrows of the Dead in Bristol

I've just had a few days in Bristol with my sister, which was very nice even if the getting to and getting back were two similar, but totally different nightmares, with public transport. 16 plus hours travelling in total.

But, the company was worth it! My sister has a nice little house, two beautiful cats, and Bristol is a very green minded city where it is actually council policy to remove roses and such flowers from public parks and replace them with pollinator friendly species.

Two such parks / reserves were within decent walking distance of my sister's place. Badock's Wood, which I visited on Wednesday, is a nature reserve with an added extra - a bronze age burial tumulus, the sort of thing I've never been able to get close to before.

It's hardly Silbury Hill, but the fact that there is a 3500 year old tomb in suburban Bristol is quite mindblowing to me! There's a short horror film begging to me made about this I reckon, and I might well write it.

Thursday I took myself on a much longer walk to Westbury on Trym, there to visit  Canford Park, a Victorian era public space with an antique water fountain, a pond that looks like it's empty but put bread in and goldfish go on the rampage. Here were also dragonflies and butterflies on those pollinator friendly plants, but I didn't stop here, I went further...


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Monday, 19 August 2019

River Life

And again, up and down and around the river. Possibly more than once. I do enjoy it.


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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Another Merciless Execution in a Nice Sort of Way

Today we entertained Hoveringham on a bright and breezy afternoon that followed on from some sharp showers in the morning. Well I'm told they were sharp, I didn't actually notice anything other than a bit of light rain. But whatever it was, it wasn't enough to ruin the wicket and the ground was in fine condition thanks to our ground staff.

We ton the toss and batted, and I immediately got myself ready to do I did ask the skipper if he wanted me to open, but was politely turned down in favour of real batsmen.

What then followed was an odd sort of innings, where no-one made a really big score, but most people got in and knocked a few around and ran between the wickets really well - apart from one little error. I guess that's because we didn't have the couple of first team bats we usually have been playing today, and had a vigorous young side. Apart from me, not so vigorous at 46.

I've been very fretful about my batting this year, largely because I've hardly done any. I did get to go in today though, and managed to take on the opposition fast bowler and got 5 off the 3 balls I was actually able to face. Only one duck for me this year, and with only 4 games to go this guarantees my best ever year in terms of getting big fat noughts.

After a less hearty tea than usual - sucks to be bowling second! - it was over to our apparently rather feared bowling attack. I think we are actually quite nice. I opened up anyway, and proceeded to bowl ball after ball either past the outside edge or over the top of middle stump. I did get the left handed opener LBW when I smacked on the ankle with a yorker, and after a frustrating three over passage when the batsman's only scoring shot was an edge past first slip, I managed to castle him.

Then it was two overs where literally every ball could have taken a wicket - but nothing doing. 8 overs 3 maidens 2 for 6 in the end.

Time to let the younger lads take over, and they did in some style, with our newly unquiffed young bowler ripping the middle over out to take 4 for 6, including their gun batsman who made a duck. That was that for the match, althugh seeing as they only scored 30 runs off the first 20 overs, it would have been a bit of a reach for him.

They also rather hamstrung themselves by putting their best techincal bat in at 11, who then got involved in a hideous run out. But, that's their call I guess.

Another ruthless display, to leave us firmly in the promotion mix up!


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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Trying to Fill a Cricketless Day

Although the rain was heavy and seemingly endless yesterday, I was hopeful that a sunny breezy day like today would dry the ground out so I could get my game of cricket in.

Sadly no, the ground was wet and it looked like our leaky covers had done their worst again, so the game was called off, on what was another good day for actually playing the game.

This is what happened in our first game of the season and it was equally annoying then. Hopefully we will be ok for tomorrow's game.

So, how to fill the day?

Well I went out walking for three hours this afternoon, listening to the Ashes game, taking in the park, the river and the cricket ground, and checked in at the gaming cafe where some sort of massive civil war battle was in progress on about 40 tables joined together.

It could have been a worse day but it was still very disappointing.


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