Friday, 6 November 2015

Cycling Through the Dusk

I went to see mum and help her watch Time Time repeats, so my afternoon exercise ended up being a little late, so I decided I'd get further on the bike rather than on my sciatic buttocks, so it was off on my noble steed I took.

Unfortunately it had stopped raining, but the light was still bad. I dressed in neon yellow, and had my lights going, but my speedy riding could not beat the sunset. That you couldn't see.

Still, the roads were very quiet and it was still light enough to be safe, but most birds were rendered silhouette apart from the yellowhammers, who's heads matched my top. Autumn colours still dominant, but the leaves have had a bad time with the winds of the last few days.

My ride was perfect, until I heard Roger Scruton on Radio 4. Ugh.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 06.11.15

My driveway. Not sure what these are. Lime?

Trees as the light fails

Agricultural scarlet

Flower basket

Distant gulls

Angry clouds

The reigns of my steed

Old RKO logo

Wet country lane

A46 flyover


  1. Yup, mostly looking like that here at the mo too.

  2. The weather has been very similar here too, wet, windy and foggy! Love all of the leaves on your driveway though, one of my favourite autumnal sights! - Tasha

  3. Thanks for the comments, my mobile phone cam is not great in low light hence the poor quality of some of the photos! Better light today, thank heaven.