Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Beacon Hill Reserve Under the Sun

I was out earlier today, albeit not as early as I would like as I found Radio 4 Extra's output this morning really engrossing - plays about Scott's Antarctic expedition and the artist who painted the Nuremberg trials - but the afternoon still had plenty of light in it as I struck out on my walk.

I ended up walking for two hours past London Road Lake, then up to the reserve at Beacon Hill dressed for winter, and so feeling rather stuffy as it was a mild day. Long tailed tits were abundant, and abundantly annoying as they failed to let me photograph them. High overhead there were lots of flocks of finches on the move, probably goldfinches flying about the treetops in flocks of twenty or so. 

Lots of people were out walking dogs, cycling and running. Me I was doglless, bikeless and trainerless. I was taking it slowly, trying not to hurt anything before the marathon. Too bad my back is still sciatically twingey. This is a bit of a worry!

I have bought my race nutrition however. No energy gels or nutri bars for me. I've bough two bottles of Asda own brand isotonic drinks and jelly beans. 

Total spend £1.80. Paula Radcliffe had better watch out.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 25.11.15

Great crested grebes at a distance, as usual

Goldfinch hiding in the trees

Best guarded bird feeders ever

In the trees at Beacon Hill Reserve

Mini bracket fungus

Great tit being discrete

Passing buzzard

Beacon Hill Reserve

Even after they did this to me on the rack, I did not confess

Old man's beard macro

Pigeon social

Burnished river

Towards the lock


  1. Oh no, not the rack! You did well to hold your tongue. May be it will help the marathon, though. The burnished river shot is lovely.

  2. Are there alligators in the Trent now?? There was never anything like that when I lived round that way.

  3. Lovely walk Simon - love the burnished river :) Not sure if you can still buy them but you used to be able to buy glucose tablets which were good for a burst of energy.

  4. Dextrosol, yes I remember. Probably easier to swallow than jelly beans, wonder if you can still buy the stuff.

    Thanks for your comments everyone, very appreciated.

  5. Pigeon social, lol. Brilliant. Good luck with the final preparation for Saturday, Si. What's the start time?

  6. 10am sciatica back permitting! Thanks for enjoying my captions, I do work on those!