Monday, 16 November 2015

Endless Photographic Disasters

Well, today has been a trying day in my continuing attempts to be the new Simon King.

This morning I headed off on my 30km cycling trip to RSPB Langford Lowfields hopeful of getting some shots of winter ducks. As soon as I arrived however, as well as there being plenty of ducks on the water, there was a kestrel hovering motionless in the strong breeze barely 25 metres away.

By golly gee, I snapped away at it, taking at least thirty pictures, and really hopeful of getting at least one jaw dropper out of the set, a picture to make me feel I'd really arrived as a nature photographer. I then turned my attention to the ducks, and shot tufted ducks, wigeon and possibly a goldeneye as well, off in the distance.

Then the camera decided to beam unfriendly red letters into my eyes. "Memory Card Failure."

Well that was the end of the photography, but I was hopeful I'd still be able to retrieve the pictures. Well, plugging the SD card into my computer soon put paid to that dim hope.

So, I bought a new memory card and trotted off into town to take some pictures around the river; if I was lucky I might have encountered a grey wagtail down on the castle wall. I didn't, but I got some nice shots of the lowering sun over the river.

I then got home to find that the battery going flat had meant that I'd lost most of those shots.

I don't think I'll be on the Countryfile Calendar any time soon.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 16.11.15

I spend a lot of time waiting at level crossings

Sun over Langford reed bed

I put myself in the picture

Spot the cormorant

Barge pub



Golden reflections


  1. Like the golden reflection shot, I too have been chasing after Goldcrests on my local patch, tricky little critters.

  2. Some days are like that ...
    You still have good shots to share with us.

  3. The shots you did get Simon are lovely especially like the Golden Reflections. Have lost count of the number of times I've had a flat battery half way round a trip somewhere - not to mention Card Full messages!

  4. Don't give up Simon. I love the images across the reed beds and golden reflections, in my humble opinion, is worthy of the countryfile calender :)

    Flat battery is the story of my life...............

  5. I love all your photographs Simon and as they are all of an area which I used to know well, that gives me an extra thrill.

  6. You guys are so kind! Sadly the most eyecatching shots were taken with my mobile and won't have the high res required for calendars and competition.

    But fear not, my pictures will certainly get used for christmas presents!

  7. How annoying! but you still got some great shots.