Friday 7 June 2024

Poppies at Starbucks

 We have a little pay day ritual at work where a few of us take ourselves around, braving rather unpleasant road crossings, to the local Starbucks drive-thru for a sort of decompress thing.

Once over-priced drinks have been obtained, ensuring everyone is in their overdraft before the next pay day, most of us head outside for sun and cigarettes, while I go rummaging around in the wastelands around the car park. 

It is poppy season. 

Long time readers of this blog might remember the incredible field of poppies we had one year just outside of town, a field that has now been turned into a housing estate. Now poppy fields are in short supply around here, so to see even a clump of them is worthy of exploration. 

Of course, where there is sun and bloom, there are little buzzy and fluttery things. Let's see what I found!


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  1. Little buzzy things, glorious poppies, blue sky - what more could anyone want?