Monday 20 November 2023

Meandering Along

 Hello readers.

Been pretty inactive lately, over which I feel very guilty. I've had a cold, sciatica, and other medical unpleasantness going on which has taken my enthusiasm for being outside away. The dark days and early sunsets aren't helping either. 

I did get a good run in last night, about 7km, but today my ankle is making me pay for it. At least I did some gardening, if you can call weeding planters and planting a few bulbs the names of which I've already forgotten gardening. Typically, there was light drizzle while I was doing this. 

The world without pollinators feels a sad one, I haven't seen a bee or a butterfly in a couple of weeks, it feels like. November always feels so bleak to me; At least in December I can start hunting for snowdrops and aconite again; they seem to get earlier every year. 

So yes, I'm suffering from autumn blues I guess. I hope you are all doing well.



  1. The bees and butterflies will be back next spring, the Brimstone being the first. Early bumblebees as well, they are even selling little life saver packs to rejuvenate the early bumblebee to tired to fly.

  2. Lovely photos but sorry you're feeling the dark days are too much. I know what you mean I've had to make a real effort to get myself motivated in the garden, but off to see if I can pick up some tulip bulbs for a pot this afternoon.

  3. Think of autumn as the earth breathing in. Put lots of leaf mold on top of your planters and do lots of stetching for the sciatica (its the most painful thing I have ever experienced so you have sympathy here).

  4. Lovely photos, especially the bright red toadstool. which | feel sure I should be able to confidently identify but can't... Hope you feel better soon, sciatica is horrible (I've not had it but my partner has...)