Wednesday 12 February 2014

Nature in a Hurricane

Various pictures from last few days, as I recover from my pulled muscles and tooth fillings, and have had highly enjoyable walks in the wind, which have reached their strongest today. Only the hardy great crested grebes were at large on the main body of water at Baderton Lake today. The wind was so strong the lake actually had significant waves on it, and most bird life was sheltering, like a fleet of Trafalgar era gunboats, in the sheltered waters close to shore.

Finding a warm spot on my lampshade!
A pair of mallards, not wanting to be photographed
Why not have another pic like this? Snowdrops and graves always look good.
Purple veined crocus emerges
Mysterious cotton-like substances in the trees, Beacon Hill Park
Bright berries
Hazel catkins?
View across from Beacon Hill towards Balderton, and Claypole beyond
Sacred space around a tree, back of Beacon Hill

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