Saturday 26 October 2013

Birdwatching in Fernwood

The weather allowed me to revisit this little spot today, a couple of days after I discovered it while running out along Hollowdyke Lane at the back of Fernwood.

The screen at the Fernwood clearing

Where the lane turns roughly to the North, there is a small clearing in the woodland that surrounds the estate, and someone has put up a few cage type feeders and a birdtable overlooked by this screen, with a sheet to record sightings - little used. So today I took out my little 10x25 field glasses, and cycled out there.

Constantly I was getting bits of fern from the screen in my hair. It's not called Fernwood for nothing. But out on the feeders, after a quiet beginning, dunnocks, blue tits, and especially great tits, were climbing into the cages to feed. The great tits were clearly the bosses in this little spot, the other birds were deferent to them. Other folk had recorded woodpeckers, presumably on the table, but sadly none came visiting while I was there.

I don't know who maintains this little site, but I hope it provides a chance for the kids of Fernwood to learn a little about urban AND rural birds. I shall be certainly visiting again, I feel it's the sort of spot where you might find siskins and redpolls. 

I might even try a little photography with my spotter scope there.

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