Tuesday, 23 October 2012

War in the Air

I've been out running three days out of the last four, mainly by London Road lake where the Mallards are gathering, the Grebes watch but the Tufted Ducks are on holiday, and through Beacon Hill Reserve where I saw no woodpecker, or none of the flocks of Chaffinches I associate with the reserve in the colder months.

Today I ran out to Coddington the back way via Barnby Lane, and back into town along the main road. Like most of the last few days it has been so grey and drizzle misty the sky is about 5 feet above your head and the church spire is sliced off by cloud.

Had a good sight today as I ran over the bridge over the A1 on Barnby Lane, although it happened so fast it wasn't a sight you could imprint on your mind at leisure. A small bird was all but in the talons of what I think was probably a Sparrowhawk from the length of the tail, wings folded all over as it made an impossibly tight turn in its quest for its prey. It disappeared behind the trees, as I disappeared over the brow of the hill before turning onto the tractor muddied road up to Coddington.

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