Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The Reluctant Skeleton

Halloween at work found me sat surrounded my team-mates who had really made an effort...

....while I hadn't bothered as usual. Problem is, I just don't have the hands to be able to make a costume, and don't have the money to buy one.

I also have a famously grumpy demeanour too, if my brain chemistry is that way inclined. Which first thing in the morning it usually is, although I've tried to change my morning routine to improve things. My team-mates are very understanding, and had actually sorted out a skeleton costume for me to wear to the various Halloween costume parades and photo-opps we were having today.

Sadly, it was a skeleton made for a rather smaller puddle of putrescent flesh than myself. About an 8 year old one, judging by the fact that as soon as I tried to clamber into the darn thing, it began to stretch and rip along the seams. I was fastened into it as if I was wearing a corset, at which point it popped open at the back like a flaying victim. It was also extremely tight and painful in rather intimate areas.

As for the mask it was so small I could only see a tiny tunnel of the world out of my right eye, and thus spent most of my time bumping into people and things as we went to our first parade.

We actually had a fun day, but I regret not making better efforts! No parties for me tonight! Or indeed, any night. I must be old.


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  1. You made more effort than me. I had a glass of red wine and pretended it was blood.

    1. I just remembered. Some girls came trick or treating. As I opened the door I said "woooo woooo I'm the monster" and gave them a packet of chocolate wafers. They laughed and wished me a happy halloween.

  2. Always great fun! It's a pity the Scottish tradition of the kids doing a little act, or reciting a rhyme seems to be disappearing though! But I love it anyway. And the skelly costume is great.

  3. It really wasn't a great costume at all, it was horrible!