Thursday, 5 October 2017

Sugar Factory Sunset

I had an entirely silent run last phone, no DAB radio, just me running in a strong wind. I felt odd to just have my breath and the noises in my head accompanying me as I ran on my old school slog past the colleague to the railway station, then back along the river and home. 5km. Done in about 30 minutes, but I've no way of knowing to be sure!

Spectacular sunset on the way home from work, illuminating the smoke from the sugar factory and blessing this building in a golden glow. The powers that be are giving their blessings to our great sugar making process, and wishing that they could ditch their manna or ambrosia for a few teaspoons of Tate and Lyle.

Alright, it's brown lumpy things being made into white powder. But it looked good tonight.


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