Saturday, 7 October 2017

At Last the Eco Pods

So, after an aborted start to my run due to nothing pleasant, I completely changed my direction of run today and headed NOrth to the edge of the town, past the marina and on the godforsaken path through cowpat fields towards the concrete bridge.

I had last run along here during my marathon a couple of years ago, I think. It was horrible then, far muddier than it was today, but as I crossed the bridge it became less plesasant, for the air suddenly filled with the organic back of the throat odour from the sugar factory chimneys - Sulphur Dioxide based if I remember right - before the funker smells of farmyard and sugar factory joined in to create a bit of a miasma.

After crossing the bridge I could see the scrapyard swine hadn't blocked the path here, so I was able to walk along the river - welcome chemical smell of weir whipped water - and along to the fishing Eco Pods I had wanted to look at before.

For "Eco Pods" read "Unglamorous Undecorated Sheds".

I had thought they would be more glamorous and chi-chi somehow. They really weren't but I don't suppose the hardened anglers don't mind as they dangle their bleeping posh rods over the Trent.

It's not a glamorous setting, this post industrial part of town, but the gardens of the North lock cottage were being tended to as I went under the bypass bridge. How the owner drives here I've no idea.

The river runs North. Beyond is where my longer run met up with the Trent Valley Way. on the way back, a man sailed his boat under the bridge without taking his mast down. Oh dear.


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