Monday, 9 October 2017

A Flower for my 45th

So yes I'm another year older, certainly no wiser about anything, but a lot lazier. I've done nothing today other than have a couple of gentle walks around town seeing if there was anything I wanted to buy myself.

There wasn't so much as a sausage. Actually, if I'd seen a nice sausage I might have bought one, but there wasn't even that.

When you want to buy yourself something, you never actually do.

Any good ideas for £20 worth of something for an outdoorsy type to buy himself other than a new waterproof running jacket. I also have love to shop vouchers, Argos has a camping mat, but the sleeping bags have terrible reviews.

Either that or I'll just buy myself a large bottle of rum.

Really, have done nothing today, it hasn't been special, and it won't be until midnight either!


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  1. Rum then. My partner is wanting a camouflage tent to watch and photograph birds. They cost a lot more than a bottle of rum....

  2. Belated Birthday wishes Simon, i would go for the Rum myself !!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday. I would indulge myself with a book or an OS Map or failing that a few bottles of wine :)

  4. Something to put in a pot for the bees for next year? Happy Birthday :o)

  5. Belated Happy Birthday wishes. I'd go with the rum. X

  6. THank you so much all, luckily I've been given a bottle of rum by work!

  7. Happy birthday Si, I love the flower.

  8. I also love the flower!

    Belated 'Happy Birthday' to you Si!
    Enjoy the rum 'in moderation';-) Something will catch your eye when you least expect it so save your 'birthday' money until then.