Monday, 2 October 2017

The Beets are Being Harvested

It's that time of the year in Newark again, the time when the giant sugar factory belches back into life, belching its clouds of smoke into the air - these help me judge the wind direction when I'm cycling home - and wafting its thick organic order over the town.

Sugar beet time, the time when you find their lumpy brown corpses littering the roads like velociraptor droppings, the time when you find piles of them walled around fields like ancient fortifications, the time when you wonder what it would taste like if you made one into chips and fried them.

Came across the harvest on a Hawton farm being loaded up into a trailer today, ready to be taken a couple of miles across town to be made into smells for autumn.

Immediately after on my 9km plod, came across a Nottinghamshire County Council logo on a park bench that was sinking back into a mass of lichens. Thought it was wonderful.

Saw one last house martin over a field today, swooping around feeding, probably having migrated from further north. I wish it well.


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  1. I used to love autumn in Newark with the beet plant in full swing. Your post took me right back.

  2. House martins...velociraptor droppings...factories belching into life...smells for autumn...and Nottinghamshire County Council disappearing - you sound on fine poetic form today, Simon!

  3. velociraptor droppings - brilliant!

  4. "velociraptor droppings - just love it :) Also love the last photo of the logo covered in lichen.

  5. Sugar Beet fields round here too - off to Bury St Edmunds Factory. Lots of mud on the road and getting held up when lorries are loading in the narrow roads.
    They are a bit too earthy tasting for chips!

  6. Thanks all for your enjoyment of this post, I thought it had been rather mundane too!