Sunday, 11 October 2015

Vulcan XH558 Drops By

She seemed like an ideal test subject for my DA-DA-DAAAAAA brand new Fuji S8650!

OK, it's the last one in the shop, a display model, but it works, and as soon as I'd rescued the SSD card from the compact camera I had dropped, I headed off for Newark Air Museum to take some thrilling shots of the mighty Vulcan V-Bomber on her last flight.

As she normally does, she honoured the museum with several circuits and a dramatic roll and climb, the engines roaring. And as I stood next to the main road, I found immediately how tricky it actually is to take photographs of a moving aircraft with a 36X bridge camera. The focus tends to struggle to keep up!

The extreme shakiness of the photographer doesn't help either!

(looking now at some online reviews, it appears that the focus is renowned for being a little slow on zoom shots, but the camera in general gets a good write up.)

Anyway, here are the best shots I could get of the Vulcan.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 11.10.15


  1. You got some nice shots, Simon. My favorite is the one where it looks like a moth heading into a shrub. ;-)

  2. My sister said that, she said it looked like a butterfly. Total accident!

  3. Hi Simon great shots of the Vulcan, I also was watching as it flew over Hoo in Kent at 13.45 today.
    good luck with the camera, looking forward to seeing your nature photo's.

  4. Great shots, it flew over here for the Dartmouth Regatta and we got to see it-an amazing aircraft.

  5. Some great photos there Simon :) It flew over Charlecote which is about 50 minutes from here but sadly I didn't have to time to go :(