Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Cycles in the Sludge

My back is aching less today, so I risked a gentle run about in the rain. Needed to burn the calories from yet another excellent tin of Baxter's soup for lunch.

Baxters and Barrs - the two greatest UK food and drink companies!

What I really wanted to do during this little trot-about was visit the stretch of the Newark Trent that has been drained to enable the town lock gates to be replaced. Last time they did this, in the late 1980s, all sorts of stuff was discovered in the mud, including reputedly an automatic handgun.

No such excitement this year; the riverine bounty this time around seems to consist mainly of bicycles, shopping trolleys and car exhaust pipes. There is an umistakable iodine smell of tainted mud, amid the waft of which the ghosts of those the river has taken are liberated to make mischief this All Hallows Eve.


All text and images are copyright CreamCrackeredNature 29.10.15

Dredgers sucking up the water and mud

Inspecting the walls. Or "refilling" the canal

Marooned barge

River bounty

This is where some of the stolen bikes end up

Barge aground

Looking towards the castle

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