Thursday, 22 October 2015

Falling Over and Making Friends

Had a very steady run today, practising running nice and slowly - too slowly even - to try and find a pace I can run 42km at.

This is rather pointless because no matter what pace I try and run at, at the end of the marathon I will be utterly on my knees like a man lost in the desert. But, we'll give it a go.

Anyway, after making friends with a tabby cat at the town farm, I managed to get myself in a right old state on Clay Lane. Keeping my feet low in the name of running economically - ha! - I tripped over a tree stump, and fell.

I didn't fall at once of course. I did about 10 yards in a desperate forward lunge, trying to regain my balance, trying to regain my feet. I failed. I went full length down on the muddy track, in full view of a dog walker who was extremely good at suppressing her laughter as I ran past her pretending nothing had happened shortly afterwards.

Still it was a nice afternoon, and there were some lovely skies to take in. The bath I had when I got in was extremely hot and luxurious, and the water didn't get too dirty.


All text and images Copyright CreamCrackeredNature 22.10.15

Quicker than a ray of light...

Here kitty!

Ear stroking

Camera investigated

Um yeah, I fell

Beacon Hill Park

Dazzling Trent

Baby barge

The castle bandstand


  1. Oh dear. All part of it I suppose. When is the marathon?

  2. 28th November, and I was very lazy and didn't train today, went off taking photographs instead! Grrrr bad boy.

    1. Ooh, good luck mate! Off road or on?

    2. both! going to bet a bit muddy in places!

  3. I have never really understood the fascination people have with running marathons - exhaustion, I suppose that is it basically.

    1. To say I've done it. I like doing things that take a long time, gives me a good chance to listen to radio 4 as well!

  4. Hope you have no bruises after you fall.

    1. I was fine! Touch of sciatica today but unrelated, I'd say.