Sunday, 18 October 2015

Clambering the Rocks of Carrick

After the Shore, we went to Carrick. My parents and her Scottish friends always considered Carrick the superior beach for reasons of snobbery I think - fewer people, classier people - while I always found it a little out of the way and dull would you believe, when you return and see how lovely the place is. As a kid, you want ice cream vans and sand and sea you can play in without fear of being mowed down by a member of the Scottish middle class on a windsurfer.

It was a rocky place, with sand only exposed at high tide, and being out on the sea proper a lot rougher than the Doon.

At low tide, there is an island offshore that can be walked to. Many old crofts seem to inhabit this and other islands, gable ends all that remains after hundreds of years exposed to wind and tide.

The day was still a fine one, and what was most amazing were the amount of butterflies - peacocks and small tortoisheshells - and silver Y moths that were feeding off a yellow flowering plant on the shoreline. It was almost as many butterflies as I'd seen in one place all year, and this was Scotland in mid October! With a hot sun, it felt about 6 weeks behind the actual season.

My sister and I explored, clambering over rocks like a gazelle and a gallumph, before I ascended Knockbrex Hill next to the beach to admire the purple hills across on the Isle of Whithorn. A group of people were learning conservation with a map of the bay up on high. Another man was water divining, a rather easy occupation right next to the sea, one would think.

Bird life was less evident than at the Doon, our avian friends being less snobby than my parents as well, but a heron put on a fine show of elegant flying and stalking at a distance. While no doubt laughing at my climbing.


All text and images Copyright CreamCrackeredNature 18.10.15

Carrick beach and island

Small tortoiseshell

Interruption from Mars

Very handsome bull!
Heron hunts

Heron flies

Red admiral on this yellow flower that was very abundant

Island again

Small tortoiseshell basks

Purple hills far away

Knockbrex harbour

Island from Knockbrex Hill


  1. Very much enjoying your sea-side visits, Si. Love the photo of the stone on the smooth sand!

  2. Gorgeous scenery and I too like the Martian photo and the one of the island - it looks like something out of a Famous Five Book :) Glad to hear of all the butterflies and silver y's you spotted.

  3. I love the fact that the predominant colour in your photographs is that gentle soft blue Si.

    Re your quote from Chicken Run on my blog. When the farmer was a small boy he asked his mum how the eggs got out of the chicken. When she told him he was so horrified he didn't eat an egg for ten years!!

  4. Thanks to all of you. The stone and the little rilles in the sand also reminds me of pictures I saw of Titan as the Cassini probe landed, although less orange!

    I think the heron pictures had the saturation upped a little bit, other than that, no tinkering. It really was beautiful that day. I've never seen it better.

  5. What a beautiful post!
    Love the wonderful sea views and butterflies and smooth stones.

  6. Looks to be a grand area for scenic views.

  7. Thank you Sara, it was the most beautiful I'd ever seen it that day.

    John - it is great country for walking, cycling and exploring.

  8. First pic in particular is superb.