Sunday, 4 October 2015

Long Lasted the Suffering

After a very lazy day yesterday where I'd decided that reading was more important than running, there was no chance I'd be so inactive today.

Very rashly, I'd told my cricketing friends in the Prince Rupert last night that I was hoping to do a 30km run today, along one of my cycling routes, but the fact that I'd been in the Prince Rupert last night meant that I was never going to cash the cheque my mouth had written.

Still, I managed 16km along unknown country roads through the villages of Little Carlton and Bathley neither of which I'd ever seen before; hardly surprising as both were the size of a newborn chihuahua. There's a lot of ivy growing in the hedgerows, and it was all busy with hoverflies and the odd butterfly. Occasionally a kestrel would fly along in front of me after I flushed it from a tree, and there were a couple of shaggy looking buzzards making a low level flight across my route.

But the slowness of my running, sheesh. I'm still hampered with all manner of low level aches and pains, but today I was slower than ever. Over two hours for 16km is way off my best form. and all my muscles in my groin and legs feel tense and tight.

30km seems a very long way off indeed, let alone the 42 my marathon on the 28th November will entail.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 04.10.15

Wounded bee. Couldn't identify as something had bitten a chunk our of its abdomen

A large field of probable cabbage.

Kelham Lane

Erystialis, possibly

A more ginger species

Nice shot of glamorously named A1 fishing lake


The writer in the mirror

Passion flower?

The route across the field

Speckled wood

Slightly closer

Brightly shines the Trent


  1. Ah beautiful passion flower there, they're so pretty! Also, I think you're right - it definitely looks like a footballer hoverfly - I am learning my ID's as I go, haha! Poor little wounded bee too, but you got some lovely shots here - love the butterfly! - Tasha

  2. “I was never going to cash the cheque my mouth had written” - great line, Si. No doubt a deliberate nod to the famous quote from Top Gun. I reckon flying a fighter jet would be a lot less painful than the 30km run! Have you tried swimming as an alternative, allowing you to maintain/improve cardio fitness but give your joints/muscles less of a pounding?

  3. Lovely photos, both your hoverflies look like species of Eristalis to me, which species i don't know though!

  4. Particularly like Reflections and also that last one of the Trent.

  5. Thanks all, I think the section across the ploughed field really took it out of me, my legs couldn't get any rhythym going. Speaking of which the gulls were really loving the freshly ploughed fields today.

    Hi Lucy, no I wasn't thinking of Top Gun, it's a phrase that has very much passed into general usage.