Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Excuse me Mister Horse

Now I am back from Scotland - and I hope you've enjoyed my main posts, may be some pictorial miscellany to come - I've been out running again, trying to get marathon training mileage in.

One of my main landmarks is the urban farm at Clay Lane, from which goats always seem to be escaping and filling the lane with their wondrous odour. Well, on Friday, a couple of new escapees emerged from the tunnel they had been presumably digging under the guard house and then under the wire.

I was running along the lane, just about to turn uphill to Beacon Hill, when I came across two tiny Shetland ponies making their way quietly along the lane as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

What was most amusing that being far from stupid, these horses picked a path amid the mud and water filled tyre tracks, just as I had done.

Only far more dexterously!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 21.10.15


  1. Smart little fellows, great photos!

  2. Wonder where they ended up.
    Hope you enjoyed your holiday Si.

  3. Really enjoyed reading your posts about Scotland and the photos. The ponies are lovely :)

  4. Thanks all, realise now these mobile phone pics aren't great, it was very dark in that lane that day. I'm guessing they just wandered back to their farm!

  5. I really enjoyed reading about your fabulous 'Scotland' holiday Si, thanks for sharing.

    Those two Shetlands are so cute looking...and clever!

  6. Oh those two Shetlands are so adorable, what a cute little moment to have! Hope you enjoyed your time in Scotland, it's a place I really need to go and explore as I've seen so many stunning photos. - Tasha

  7. Thanks so much everyone, these clever ponies seem to have been a big hit!