Saturday, 31 October 2015

Macro Raid at RSPB Langford Lowfields

After two good days running, my left buttock decided to punish me for it today by being rather sore; ideas of a long run thus went way out the window and it was a bike riding day instead. Especially as the sun decided to appear in the early afternoon, and the idea of photography became attractive too.

It was my middle length route to Langford, the one via Stapleford Woods, and I was fair flying along the quiet roads, enjoying the trip out and feeling rather relieved I wasn't having to flog my legs on muddy tracks.

I wasn't alone at Langford, a couple were doing the whole flask and binoculars thing down on the viewing platform, so I left them to it while exploring the waterside margins - there wasn't much out on the water in any case. It was rewarding; the sun had brought out male common darters, still flying like the witches this Halloween, and a grasshopper hopped into view for a sunbathe too.

Fungi were plentiful, and there were some bright pink flowers in surprising full bloom. The sun shone upon the water and everything seemed pretty much OK with the world at that moment.

It was a nice ride back in too, racing my shadow as the sun began to set and paint the sky salmon pink.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 31.10.15

Cormorant and swan impersonating Loch Ness Monster

Common darter on the organic bike rack

Those eyes

The best behaved dragonfly species for photography

Lovely detail in the wings, as a photobomber appears

Ducks on a distant shore



Clump of toadstools

Brackets in the bike rack

Grasshopper alone


The reed bed as the sun sets


  1. You came away with some really nice photos, Si. I particularly like the darter with the grasshopper. Hope the butt improves asap!

  2. Looks a great reserve to visit - lovely selection of wildlife - love the grasshopper picture :)

  3. lovely photos, specially the darters!

  4. Thank for your kind words, my backside isn't thanking me though! Bit sore again.

  5. Lovely shots of the darter, they're so pretty and that grasshopper is stunning! - Tasha

  6. Grasshopper photo is looking good.

  7. Superb shots of that dragonfly and also the grasshopper.

  8. Thanks everyone, I think I'm getting a bit better at this, enjoying taking photos! Birds are the tough nut to crack! I bought feeders to practice on.