Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Kirkcudbright White House

A return now to Scotland, and a visit to a local landmark that was recently featured on "Great Houses of the Coast" or some such More 4 type propertygasm show, although thankfully not one of the ones where someone gawps at a house and says "I never thought THIS would as cheap as six hundred thousand!"

At least I'll never have hateful hipster yuppies being shown round my flat by Amanda Lamb.

I'm not sure what the inspiration for the design is; there is something slightly naval and militaristic about the three turret design, like a Victorian battleship with its white upperworks. I believe the building is owned by a Russian sculptress or something rather exotic like that, although I hadn't realised sculpture was ever that financially rewarding unless you were Anthony Gormley.

Reaction to the building from the rather conservative local community  - OK,  the one person that I spoke to about it - is not positive. Said person said it was a monstrosity and added with satisfaction that its foundations were sinking.

Situated as it is, right next to one of the estuary lochs with its very boggy, muddy shore, I wouldn't find this too surprising.

The building certainly stands out among the deep red sandstone and pebble dash of town, and seems to be a popular spot for teenagers to visit. This is because it would appear that it marks the only spot in town you can get mobile phone reception on certain networks.

No wonder Kirkcudbright can't hold on to its younger population.


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  1. A fascinating building. I would love to have the views from that upper window, great for photography of the local wildlife.

  2. There's a lot to be had too, in front of there is where I shot the marine ducks - there was a large gull colony and waders on the mudflats too.

  3. Well, I guess it looks something like a coastguard station, or similar nautical building. Interesting, and possibly better from the inside?