Thursday, 7 April 2016

Why Run when you can Fly?

Last night we had a family meal at Zizzi's which I was kind of nervous about. I'm not really one for eating out - I'm far too restless to sit at a table for ages - and our Zizzi's has delivered me burnt pizza or snappy pasta the odd time in the past.

As it happened, the only problem was the wait, but that wasn't all bad, for it was enlivened by the sudden appearance of a fast flying raptor screeching along the Trent past the barge pub in the dusk. It scattered the pigeons on the castle wall, which circled frantically before flying off in all directions, before settling down on the  East bastion to watch proceedings, with no other bird in sight.

Eventually it flew off back down the river, and from the long tail and wing shape, it appeared to be a kestrel. They aren't usually town birds though, and I'd attribute such pigeon chasing behaviours as being far more likely from a sparrowhawk.

Perhaps it was a very aggressive kestrel, all pumped up on voles and steroids.

Today, I've done a lot of walking and photography, including this set of a pair of robins hunting for food next to the Parkrun course at Sconce park. Unlike me, robins aren't stupid enough to do Parkruns at 9am in the morning, and must find the saturday antics of us earthbound humans rather daft.

No wild animal seeks to lose weight, after all.


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  1. I am playing 'catch up' here Si! Goodness me you have been busy, I have been reading for an age now! Love the reading and images, you are capturing some interesting subjects!
    Oh, and I too love to see Cowslips and Oystercatchers!

    Enjoy a great weekend cycling. running or walking and of course snapping a few pics along the way.

  2. As usual beautiful clear photos Si. Interesting you should say that kestrels are not really town birds - I don't think I have ever seen one here out in the depths of the country - sparrowhawks, buzzards but not kestrels.

  3. Perhaps it is truer to say kestrels are birds that hunt in marginal habitats - motorway embankments being classic example.

    Thanks for your visits!

  4. I think that was a Sparrowhawk, the Kestrel hunts more on ground. The Robin was a beautiful photos.

  5. Lovely photo's ...

    All the best Jan