Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring in the Garden

We're very much an extended family at the moment, as my sister and her other half are visiting, but delicious chicken has been eaten, apple pie and ice cream devoured, diet thrown out of the window and my first spring walk round the family garden taken.

It's always the same, the garden, but always slightly different. This spring, the newcomer is a couple of patches of - wait for it - the inevitable lesser celandine, which has found its way into our garden the same as it seems to have found its way everywhere else this spring. If it were like a triffid, then humanity would be in big trouble, but luckily it's a pretty, small flower that at no point is going to rise up and sting the human race to death before eating them.

Yellow flag is making its way out of the pond, and the bird box sits high on the silver birch tree, as yet uninvestigated close up by the local tit population, but I've seen them in the other trees around it.

The evening skies are a beautiful blue, but still, we don't have the warmth for the butterflies I seek. But I'll still be out and about in the next four days, to see what I can see for you.


Nestbox in the birch


Yellow primrose

Purple primrose

Lesser celandine

Yellow flag emerging from the rather neglected pond

A thing on top of a thing

In one of the tubs

Lovely leaves

Garden as a whole

Up in the birch

Nooshie's catstone


  1. Drooling from Hertfordshire! Can't beat apple pie!

  2. Your food sounds lovely.
    I enjoyed your photo's, thank you.
    Nooshie's catstone is great.

    All the best Jan

  3. My eyes became bright by seeing your pics. All looks good. Love the cat stone. You must have had a wonderful time with them...

  4. See you have Primula Wanda - we have it all over the garden but why do the petals always look so moth-eaten. As for lesser celandine - we have them everywhere and when they are out the flowers are like little bursts of sunshine. But don't be fooled, they spread like wildfire and take over the entire garden. Luckily they are quite shallow-rooted.

  5. Some lovely colour in your family's garden Simon and love the cat stone :)

  6. Lovely photos - good to hear your lesser celandines are thriving, they seem to be less inevitable up here than normal

  7. Thank you all for kind comments, poor Nosshie, we miss her a lot.

  8. Nice post, love the catstone. No frogspawn yet?

  9. Never had frogs in that pond for some reason, only toads and newts. But not for many years.