Saturday, 23 April 2016

And for those Seeking Satanic Supplies...

...I've found a fine purveyor of such artefacts. Behold!

Well, I suppose they might be meant for dogs, but I'd prefer to think that local witches and warlocks are buying these appetising looking items up and boiling them up in a cauldron in order to bring a plague of boils upon a man or woman who has wronged them.

Trachea!!! What you could do with these! The noisy neighbour could be rendered silent, or perhaps one touch of that mummified windpipe could silence a screeching baby on a bus. Curse a vain beauty with giant bunny ears, or burn Bambi's feet with incense in order to bring about inconsolable tears in an enemy.

As for the "hot dogs" I simply dread to think 1) what they are and 2) what they could be used for.

Bon apetit!


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 23.04.16


  1. Where on earth did you find these things?
    Margaret P

  2. Local market. Supplies for what I suspect is the local status dog population

  3. Eyes of newt off the menu then. People must really dislike their dogs to give them such things!

  4. Well, I lost my appetite, but I guess the dogs might appreciate those.

  5. Very Weird, If the spelling wasn't in English I would have thought you were somewhere in Asia!

  6. It's bizarre. And utterly horrible. Thanks for maintaining control of your stomachs in order to comment!