Thursday, 14 April 2016

Return to Cricket Nets

Not quite so exotic as Return to Oz, or Return to the Blue Lagoon, but one necessary to get some form back before the the new cricket season.

Alas, it's been a boggy winter at the main ground here in Newark, so we're netting in the rather neglected facilities at the local Academy, which apparently we own, but don't seem to maintain.

Certainly I'd love to know what Geoff Boycott would have though about a wicket well covered in pine needles, with old brown leaves a foot deep around the edges. Certainly it gave a bit of spice to one or two deliveries, wasn't sure the skipper was expecting to get a neck high bouncer off me bowling off a 6 pace amble.

Cricket was a great lost love of mine; I always loved watching it, but a series of unfortunate experiences with cliquey clubs as a youngster - combined with a bit of a talent problem - put me off playing for years until I finally returned last year, in a friendly club environment where middle aged weirdoes like me are allowed to ply our trade in the third team. However no wickets taken, one catch dropped, and a batting average of 6.00 didn't get the Nottinghamshire scouts interested.

I'm looking for a much better season this year. Skipper thinks I'm a lot more confident in may batting - i.e. less useless - and my sharp left arm inswingers also impressed (yeah right).

30th April, Belvoir away, should be my first game.


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  1. Let it be on 30 April, perfection.

  2. That should be enough to send Sir Geoffrey off on to one of his eulogies about uncovered wickets. I once managed 30 in a village cricket match - mainly edges through an increasingly crowded and frustrated slip area - but just one beautifully middled and timed lofted drive (which was unfortunately caught at mid off). Glory days!

  3. Love watching cricket - good and bad! and look forward to hearing about your season. Col played for a couple of seasons in a village team (then we moved away) they called him Sticky 'cos he stood close and caught several.

  4. I hope it's a fun season for you Si, without too many injuries this time!

  5. My Dad loves watching cricket. I have to admit I never got into it, but thinking about it, I'm sure cricket terms like silly mid off etc could work well in poetry....

  6. Good luck in the new season Simon, cricket is one of those sports where it doesn't seem to matter whether you win or lose so long as you enjoy yourself.

    Jonathan Agnew is from the Belvoir area isn't he, you never know he might turn up :-)

  7. I think Jon Agnew could bowl faster than me even now.

    Thanks for your best wishes, and yes, I'd enjoy finishing a game not covered in bruises and with three torn muscles

  8. It's been so long since I last played cricket! It would have been back at school that I took part in it last but I've got fond memories of sitting on the school benches and watching everyone play during the summer. - Tasha

  9. Good luck with the new season ...

    All the best Jan