Monday, 11 April 2016

Squirrel Funs

The bright weather has brought the squirrels out in abundance.

Paying no respect to the dead, the other day brought 7 squirrels within about ten metres of each other in the cemetery, feeding on the ground. In addition to that, another two provided more aerial entertainment, crashing about through the trees and chasing each other around like maniacs in a display of savage, Tufty murdering aggression.

Why those two were being so territorial - assuming it was two males - while the others were content to graze calmly around the bases of the trees, is beyond me.

I'm not sure what they were feeding off, but judging by the digging activity, it might have been that unused food caches from the mild winter might have been being dug up. I feel like joining them, with my current "nowt but fruit" diet for my lunchtimes at work.

When Mick Jagger wrote "I can't get no satisfaction" he must have been talking about having a banana for lunch.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 11.04.16


  1. Fruit is extremely good for you Si! Enjoy!;-)

    A lovely set of Squirrel Nutkins pics!

    I rarely get a squirrel in my garden these days, they were in daily for many, many years! I am not sure what has happened to them though my feeders stay fuller for longer!

  2. I always think squirrels look so cute.
    You caught them well here ...

    All the best Jan

  3. Thank you very much all, going to keep munching those bananas!

  4. Love these shots of the squirrels Simon, they're such characters! I've often had a fruit lunch so I know that feeling too! - Tasha

  5. Like the epitaph behind the squirrel in photo 1, seems appropiate

  6. Love to watch Squirrels, some lovely photos of them..
    Amanda xx

  7. "Be Ye Also Ready" - brrrrrrrrrrrr!!!