Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Colour in Hawton and Farndon

It's been a lovely day, but not a productive one visually.

I went to the park, and again had the excitement of suddenly hearing a chiff chaff burst into song right in my ear, and be able to turn around and spot the tiny bird flitting about in the branches of a tree.

I ran 14km in the afternoon, through the owl land, and flushed up two pairs of partridge which flew off with whirring wings, but also 3 skylarks.

Their song is wonderful, perhaps not quite as musical as Vaughan Williams made it but the cadence and rhythm is the same, and  the call is piercingly loud. The birds head into the wind, ascending slowly in a series of steps, barely moving in relation to the ground. And them, presumably when you have moved far enough away from the nest site, they plummet like arrows back to earth.

I was far too entranced watching to try and photograph the scene. Instead I'll show you the flora now out around the villages just out of Newark, Hawton and Farndon in the main.

There is a lot of very bright colour around at the moment.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 20.04.16

Valerian corner, Hawton

Entry road to Farndon village

Farndon churchyard
No idea, but lots of this stuff around this year.


  1. I love the symphytum in the first photograph. I put some under the hedge in a place where nothing grows. It has gone mad and taken over, but I forgive it as in doesn't give the weeds a fighting chance.

  2. I love lungwort for the bees it attracts, no hairy foots that day, sadly. They are damn difficult to photograph anyway.

  3. The title of your post sums it up perfectly....full of lovely colour. I do like the mix of Forget-me-not blue and Lesser Celandine yellow.

  4. Thank you Lucy! It was a nice day too today, but only for half as long.

  5. beautiful flowers and I love listening to skylarks....