Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Sconce Park Miscellania

I've had two super days wandering around the pastures and woodland at Sconce and Devon Park here in Newark. Yesterday was warm, today was positively hot until a brisk wind got up and brought a haze to veil the sun somewhat. But today was far richer for birds.

I don't mean seeing them, oh it takes a far better and sharper birder than me to be able to do that! But yesterday, the old oak wood was strangely quiet, while today birdsong was erupting from high up in every tree and cascading down to the sun dappled ground.

The warden had told me to keep an eye out for a recently arrived willow warbler; well I had no chance with that one as its song is very similar to a chaffinch to an uneducated ear. The chiff chaff is obviously a lot easier, and indeed one blasted my ears at short range yesterday, although I could only get to photograph its backside.

Today, it was a rich fluting song that caught my ear, richer than a robin but not on the same level as a blackbird, the greatest of all our native singers! A few flutters in a willow tree in the old wood and I was able to identify the culprit, a soft grey blackcap!

The warden had only heard one, so I beat him with that little spot. Which happens, ooh, never, so I was quite pleased.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 21.04.16

Hanging blue tit

Surveying the scene

Chiff chaff bum

Crow attacks buzzard!

Mallard family. Only the one chick, sadly.


Needs to sort those feathers out!

Sleep with one eye open

Small tortoiseshell

Lovely fresh speckled wood


  1. Great shots, Simon. What a great couple of days!

  2. It's been great, but sadly we've lost the weather now

  3. So nice to see these Simon.
    With our weather you just have to get out and about while you can!

    All the best Jan