Sunday, 3 April 2016

Spring Wanderings Miscellania

The majority of these pictures were taken on a run, and a walk, on the Grange Road field towards Hawton. The walk took me straight back into town and a cup of tea at the park, but the run took me into the muddy squelchness of Pykett's Wood after an unsuccessful look for wheatear and yellow wagtail on the Cotham Flash paddocks.

During both journeys, bright weather alternated with scudding clouds and squally showers.

These are the routes I enjoy taking me so much, out in the countryside without having to go very far, and always the chance of seeing something new, like I did when I flushed a battalion of 200 whistling wigeon, or spotted a hummingbird hawk moth about its long tongued business amidst the Hawton lungwort.

Now is the time to think about longer trips; the bike ride to Whisby Park, the walk to Southwell with a picnic, another attempt to penetrate the Barnby to Claypole Passage, and perhaps a 40 mile cycle of the Robin Hood Way.

Give me a sunny day after an early night, all of these things may be possible.


All text and images copyright CreamCrackeredNature 03.04.16

Under the weather

Red nettles



Approaching squall


The rain passes

Violets are out

As are the vivid currant flowers

First bluebells on the sconce

The old oak wood. Dry here

Unlike Pykett's Wood


  1. Lovely shots of the periwinkle and flowering currants - the purples and pinks always cheer me up when it comes to this time of year! And I don't want to spoil Star Wars for you but it's not a snout, more a mask. :) - Tasha

  2. Bright today, missing it again at work when I want to be heading out butterfly hunting. Thanks Natasha!

  3. I missed out on the nice weather on Sunday , due to been at work all day. Still not recorded any Butterflies here.
    Great set of photos, might get a Red currant tree next year..
    Amanda xx

  4. Thank you Amanda, trying to work out where to go and what to shoot next

  5. Lovely flowers and blue skies, and the dark clouds look very handsome too.

  6. Thank you Sara! Not sure handsome was the word, "glowering" would perhaps be better