Monday, 5 February 2018

The Rest of the Weekend Pictorial

So, aside from the bird shots, I was able to deploy my mobile phone camera to take shots of the stuff less likely to run or fly away.

The fungus was particularly fascinating, to come across the vivid orange colour sticking up from a log next to the lake was really quite something, thought it was a rotting piece of fruit to start with.

The bad weather has put a bit of a hold on the crocuses, but soon the familiar purple and white carpets will start reappearing on the cemetery lawns. The aconite is now at peak, but it won't last long. Already one or two of the flowers are starting to go over.

The great tits were feeding off my fat ball feeder, and being incredibly loud in general first thing - the repetitive call of "DEEEEE-DOOOO" ringing out over the garden.

Did a 6.5km run today, including a 27.50 5km, but my chest felt as tight as anything in the cold.


All text and images copyright CreamCRackeredNature 05.02.18


  1. Something spooky about no 4 photo (sitting on the headstones)

  2. You seem to have a pretty good show of aconites too, Simon, and in the same place as mine - the local graveyard. A few Daffodils are beginning to bud here, even though there's snow forecast.

  3. Very few aconites here. Nice to see them in your photos.

  4. The fungus looks interesting. I do enjoy seeing your aconite photos. Such pretty flowers.

  5. Thank you all, I love taking photographs as winter advances into Spring

  6. I have a fascination for fungi. I love visiting woods for that reason.

    Wonderful aconite displays. I wish mine looked like that :)

    Freezing here. Wet, cold and icy.

  7. That's wan impressive fungus and the aconites are beautiful

  8. Wonderful photos of lovely flowers!
    You are so lucky - we have 80 cm of snow and have just passed the winter's halfway point.